Oct. 23rd to Oct. 29th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

We lead off the week with a special tribute for Norman Corwin, who passed away on Tuesday October 18th at age 101. I will play his May 16th, 1944 Columbia Presents Corwin production; “New York: A Tapestry For Radio” followed by two from The Columbia Workshop; “Untitled” from May 30th, 1944 and “Cromer” from December 1st, 1942.  The two-hour tribute also includes portions of my visit with him conducted in his Hollywood area home prior to his Centennial birthday. Debuts on Sunday (10/23) at 6pm ET with encores on Wednesday at 8am ET and again at 10pm ET Wednesday night.

The week also is heavy with Halloween with appropriate episodes from Lights Out, The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Weird Circle, Mercury Theater On The Air (Orson Welles as Dracula!), Suspense (Donovan’s Brain, Pit & The Pendulum, Frankenstein) and much more. We also bring back Halloween Humor from Red Skelton, The Life Of Riley, Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Fibber McGee & Molly, etc.

Regular programming includes a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; birthday week tributes for Joan Banks, Elsa Lanchester and Teri Keane as well as new to the channel offerings from Gunsmoke, Harris & Faye, Jack Benny, Fort Laramie, Frontier Fighters, Let George Do It and more.



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  1. The Norman Corwin tribute is awesome. I drove around the city so I could listen to the last hour of it. A true radio legend has left us physically, but will always be with us audibly (I hope I spelled that right) forever.


  2. Hey Bill, it was great to meet you yesterday. It was indeed a GREAT day with awesome times talking with fellow fans and friends of OTR. I got to meet some old friends, make new ones, and laugh with everyone. It’s sad that FOTR has ended but.. I have some strange premonition that something new will come around. We can’t have by this void left by FOTR. There are two many of us in the NY Metro area..
    Greg and Bart – Great to meet up with you two!
    Man it was such a GOOD day…..
    on Norman’s passing. Wow this guy was amazing wasn’t he? He shared so much with us – we can keep him alive as we listen to the treasures he’s give us and pass them on to our kids.. Keep it alive..

    1. I agree with that comment. I belive there will be a Old and New Radio convention in the Future. There are Radio players out there now that make shows for Radio now. Someone will come up with and idea to mix the old with the new and make the Convention an even Bigger event.

      Great meeting you John


  3. Bill Thanks for sharing your experience. It was a wonderful recap for all of us unable to attend. I felt like I was there too.

  4. Yesterday 10/22 my wife and I went to the Friends of Old Time Radio convention and let me tell you we had a blast. Our day started with breakfast with Greg Bell and his co-worker Bart and friend Bob Casey. We had a wonderful meal and heard some great stories. Bob Casey spent 2 years in Vietnam working on the Armed Forces radio show. He compared his experience with the movie Good Morning Vietnam and said for the most part is was pretty accurate.
    After breakfast, Greg went to work in the Radio Spirits room meeting his fans and answering questions. My friends, as nice as Greg is on the radio he is absolutely wonderful in person. He talked to everyone and answered ALL questions.

    While Greg was doing that my wife and I went to The Children on Radio discussion. Too much to tell. All I’ll say is it was great. Then we sat and watched a recreation of a Lights Out episode called The Giggler. Watching how the sound effects were done and the players doing their parts (some had 3 different rolls) you really see how tough a job it was (is).

    After that we heard 45 minutes of radio bloopers. Hilarious. But the best show we saw was a re recreation of The Joe Franklin Show with the man himself. Joe is as Sharp as ever and interviewed 5 guests 1 of whom was George Lefforts. This is the man responsible for X Minus 1, Demention X and Rocky Jorden. What a great show. Joe Franklin stayed and sighed autographs and took pictures with everyone who wanted one. What a gentleman and true entertainer

    After that we went to the Radio Spirits room and Greg was kind enough to sign my Earth Abides book. I picked up some great radio CD’s. Our last event was a recreation of Jack and The Beanstalk as it was done on the show Let’s Pretend. It was just great.

    It was one of the best days my wife and I had in awhile and Greg Bell and his friends were a big reason why. I hope some of you got to go and if you did please share your stories.

    Thank you Greg for a great day


  5. Read the news about the ‘last’ Friends of OTR. It reads sad, but I don’t think that’s the case. I’m 66 and do remember as a child in an orphanage having a 6 inch portable radio and listening to the ‘Shadow’, etc. It gave me a chance to ‘get away’ and visualize other places. It was ‘my little world’ in times of emotional stress.
    I believe that OTR is here to stay because listening today still gives me that ‘other place’ feeling. Picturing 1930’s cars speeding around, Matt Dillon being cool and Fibber being Fibber, still reminds me and reinforces some morale values I have. Although the ‘detective’ stories are easy to figure out, they still have character and real fun. What a wonderful time!

  6. helloooo Greg.

    I am so looking forward to all your Halloween programs.. So sorry to hear about Norman Corwin, but he had such a long an prosperous life..His works will be long remembered…
    When I was little, I would take my little radio, and go under the covers and listen , scared to death, at a lot of these programs.. I was about 12 to 14 years old…
    So many memories… keep up the good work.. Mary Lou

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