Oct. 30th to Nov. 5th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

How is this for a busy, busy week? It begins with a replay of Vincentennial, the 24-hour special which originally aired back in May on the anniversary of Vincent Price’s 100th birthday (broadcast from his hometown of St. Louis, Missouri.) That airs on Sunday the 30th and features Price’s best remembered radio work. Not only The Saint but also lots of horror including “Three Skeleton Key”, “Fugue In C-Minor”, “Blood Bath”, “Name Of The Beast”,”Pit & The Pendulum”, etc. The Saturday, October 30th special also includes my interviews with Price’s children, son Barrett and daughter Victoria, as well as film producing/directing legend Roger Corman.

Then on Monday (Halloween) I am introducing a number of new to the channel horror episodes including the series debut of The Witch’s Tale. Other “new” ones come from Dark Fantasy, The Hermit’s Cave, The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Mysterious Traveler, The Hall of Fantasy and more.

We also have birthday week tributes for Joel McCrea (the return of a 2-hour Tales Of The Texas Rangers Special); Art Carney (The Big Story, The Mysterious Traveler); Burt Lancaster (heard in Ford Theater’s version of “Double Indemnity”) and last but certainly not least; ROY ROGERS.

On Saturday November 5th it is Radio Roy as we spend the entire day with The King Of The Cowboys as we mark the anniversary of his centennial. Not only will you hear a number of his radio programs from the 1940s and 50s, but my special co-host will be Dusty Rogers (Roy Rogers, Junior). Also joining us is his son, Roy’s grandson, Dustin. I also have an exclusive interview with Tricia Spencer, the author of the soon to be released book; The Touch Of Roy and Dale: The Impact and Influence Of Roy Rogers, The King Of The Cowboys and Dale Evans, The Queen Of The West.


7 thoughts on “Oct. 30th to Nov. 5th 2011 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Your Dad must love Hawk Larabee….the singing in between as a scene recap is funny….

    In the order I recorded shows Barton Yarborough was called Tex on an episode of Dragnet and then becomes Hawk a few shows later…..foreshadowing in a strange way…

    Have fun….2 days until Cowboy Radio

  2. I was away from my computer last week, but I just want to say how great the YTJD “The Confidential Matter” was, that is just about the best radio I’ve ever heard, and it was my second time listening to it. YTJD would be a great TV series, but I guess since it would not be a reality show (which are anything but about reality) it doesn’t have a chance…

    1. Matthew, I so agree about YTJD as a TV series. I would definitly tune in for it. Who would we like to see as our Johnny?

    2. I agree Matthew..YTJD is awesome and i would consider Bob Bailey a Radio-Superstar..His delivery is just so believable and i consider the show better than anything on TV or Radio..

  3. 4 Tales of the Texas Rangers cant be bad at all….
    I had a Wy6att Earp-type vest from the fifties, and 2 guns on my belt.
    The ‘Vincentennial’ will be nice to hear again,also. Good radio work.
    Witche’s and Hermit’s galore…what a week!


  4. Can’t wait for this busy week….

    Time to get my ‘cowboy’ on…..I think I still have my little silver caps gun revolvers from MANY years ago….the hat won’t fit

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