Dec. 26th to Dec. 31st Radio Classics Shows – Last week of 2011!

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Hey folks; since we begin weeks on Sundays, this one actually starts on Christmas Day and most of those details are in the previous posting, but here are some can’t miss highlights for Sunday December 25th –

Noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT) – Dragnet’s Christmas episode “Big Little Jesus” from December of 1953.

4pm ET (3pm CT, 2pm MT, 1pm PT) – Radio City Playhouse’s version of Paul Gallico’s “Twas The Night Before Christmas” (you know the one about the Christmas goats!) It will be followed by child star Evelyn Rudie in Suspense’s “Dog Star”.

6pm ET (5pm CT, 4pm MT, 3pm PT) – Norman Corwin’s fantastic script, “The Plot To Overthrow Christmas” will be featured on the 1944 series This Is My Best starring Orson Welles.

10pm ET (9pm CT, 8pm MT, 7pm PT) – A two-hour Jack Benny Program block with Christmas episodes from 1938, 1942 and two from 1951.

After Christmas we transition to a number of New Year’s Eve themed episodes including offerings from Casey, Crime Photographer, Sherlock Holmes, Father Knows Best, Ozzie & Harriet, Bill Stern Sports Newsreel, Fibber McGee & Molly and more.

We also have birthday week tributes for Humphrey Bogart, Richard Widmark, Richard Kollmar (Boston Blackie) and others.






9 thoughts on “Dec. 26th to Dec. 31st Radio Classics Shows – Last week of 2011!”

  1. I just want to wish all of my OTR friends a very happy and healty New Year. Greg, thanks for making OTR exciting everyday. You put your heart and soul into the show you do every week. I was very lucky to have met you at the Friends Of Old Time Radio. You were just like you are every day when you come out of my car speaker. I got to play golf this morning and on my way home listened to a wonderful Jack Benny program. While I don’t have everything in life I want, I sure do have more then most. Greg, you and OTR help me get thru the week.



  2. Always hated a new year…. I wind up messing up the year on the few few checks I write….

    My wife and I always have a contest to see who screws up the year first or if we can find an error in the printed media before we make one.

    I found the first one already.

    Greg, can you guess where I found it?

    1. Oops, They are correct when you open them, I guess my web folks messed up a little when the created the links. I have asked them to fix it.

    2. Happy New Year Greg! And Happy New Year to all!

      We were just talking about it as I went for the new schedule.

  3. Darn, I missed it again. I would have loved to see the Kildare movies. Good thing that Greg is playing an episode next week.

    Happy 2012 to everyone.

  4. Happy new year everybody. Especially to greg and his family. Looking forward to another great year of programming from old time radio. If you going out new years eve, Rent a car.

    I’m almost done watching a full day of doctor kildare on t c m

    I truly hope everyone has a safe and healthy new year


  5. After last week’s great shows, I’m ready to talk about another one of our many, many, many talented radio performers, Virginia Gregg.

    Hearing her on YTJD as an Irish lady, I was yet amazed. She was superb as a sexy, smokey, sultry voiced gal on many of the YTJD episodes. I can remember the first time I noticed her on an old Dragnet TV show. She was the usual matronly, average looking housewife. After seeing her on several different shows, I noticed her name for the first time. Then on many dramas, like “Fastest Gun Alive”, and so many others. Looking at IMDB, she was in more than 200 movie and TV shows. And in hundreds of radio dramas. Amazing.

    What I would like to see is a young picture of her. Surely she wasn’t always the matronly looking, Plain Jane lady that she portrayed so many times. But then I guess if she was actually beautiful then she would not have been used in so many situations. She would have then been just another pretty face.

    Thanks for all your great performances, Ms. Gregg.

  6. Happy Birthday to Humphrey B. Many good memories and films of him. He was born on Christmas Day along with Rod Serling (Twilight Zone). Both had well distinguished voices.

    Merry Christmas to all of you BELL-Bloggers (Greg included) here and on Facebook.

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