Jan. 1st to Jan. 7th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Hey folks, we indeed are rolling into yet another year of Golden Age Of Radio Shows on Sirius XM 82. 2012 will mark the 10th year of the channel and it also will mark my 5th year as host of When Radio Was (now heard on about 200 radio stations in the U.S. and Canada.) Gonna be a great year, I just feel it.

Some of the highlights for the first week of they year include the following: a centennial birthday week celebration for Danny Thomas with a couple of episodesof The Bickersons.

(A side note: I finally found a little time to start playing L.A. Noire, the video game I consulted on, and it is so great to walk into a place of business or climb into a car and hear The Bickersons, Bergen & McCarthy and others playing on the radios within the game. You also can hear vintage commercials, altered by the writers, but still many of you will recognize them. L.A. Noire truly captures 1947 Los Angeles in shockingly realistic detail; the buildings, the cars, the people, etc)

Other birthday week tributes for Jane Wyman, Ray Milland, Helen Kleeb, Carl Sandburg, Bernadine Flynn and more. We have a Johnny Dollar Marathon, Lux Radio presents Gary Cooper in The Westerner, The Screen Director’s Guild has John Wayne in Stagecoach, science fiction from Dimension X, horror from The Inner Sanctum Mysteries and Quiet, Please and comedy from Our Miss Brooks, Martin & Lewis, Jack Benny, Fibber McGee & Molly, My Favorite Husband and more.



4 thoughts on “Jan. 1st to Jan. 7th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. I also hope everyone had a great New Years Eve. Heard a great episode of The Chase before about a reporter trying not to be brought into the Iron Curtian as it was called back the. Interesting tail

    I bought this great 2012 Calander when I was at the Friends Of Old Time Radio Convention when it was in New Jersey. Each day has an anniversary, birthday, series started/series ended and much much more. Make me try and guess what Greg will do for the following weeks programing.

    Take care all


  2. Congrats Greg…

    Hope everyone has a great 2012….we started it with a 4.0 earthquake….

    I hope this is the year we get the masked man and sarge back.

  3. Noir sounded interesting, but I never got the chance to check it out. I would love to see more screen shots.

    Greg, I am with you on that, 2012 will definitely bring change. Congratulations on your 5th birthday.

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