Jan. 8th to Jan. 14th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Highlights this week includes a two-hour Dragnet special featuring two different story lines (The Big Mask, The Big Red) which originally were spread out over two weeks back in the early 1950s.

Also by request, we have a 90-minute Man Of Steel Marathon as we follow a March 1940 storyline known as The Sterling Tower with Clayton “Bud” Collyer as both Clark Kent and Superman. It will be followed by a new to the channel this week episode of Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar.

Speaking of America’s Fabulous Freelance Insurance Investigator, we also are playing a 5 part marathon and The Curse of Kamoshek Matter.

Birthday tributes are led by a centennial celebration for Lon Clark (Nick Carter, Master Detective) also marking birthdays are William Bendix (The Life of Riley); Steve Dunne (Sam Spade) and Father Patrick Peyton (creator of The Family Theater). We also have a few more new to the channel episodes, from Gunsmoke, Jack Benny, Fort Laramie, Suepense and more.


9 thoughts on “Jan. 8th to Jan. 14th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Ahhh… a double dose of Dr. Kildare coming up next week. Love it. I have not heard “The Chase” and “Box 13” episodes recently. Hint….Hint….

  2. Nice touch there near the end of this week’s YTJD Marathon where Bob Bailey mentions the many letters they were receiving about the program.

    If only he would know that 55 years later, we are once again getting joy and entertainment from the great performances, writing, and production of this great radio program.

    We once again salute them, and all the others too.

  3. For years we have never had Chester as a deputy to Marshall Dillion.

    In the 12/20/52 episode, Christmas Story, Matt has to shot his horse and walk back to Dodge. A wandering sailor, on horseback, gives him a lift. When Matt talks about the people of Dodge he calls Chester his deputy….

  4. Thanks Greg! Great schedule. Love the 90 min Superman. Only wish it was broadcast in the midnight block!

  5. Are new to the channel episodes designated in the Excel version of the schedule?

    I have a few excel schedules where the letter ‘N’ apperaed next to the show name.

  6. Greg, I think I’ve asked this before, but remember you answer. Why haven’t I heard Red Ryder over last couple of years. The same problem there as with the Lone Ranger and SGT Preston?? I sure miss those programs!!!

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