Jan. 15th to Jan. 21st 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Highlights this week include Poe Man’s Radio (Two Hours of Edgar Allan Poe stories); A Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; hour long back to back episodes of The Green Hornet, The Shadow, Dr. Kildare, Burns & Allen, Life With Luigi and The Weird Circle.

New episodes from The Lineup; Pete Kelly’s Blues; The Whistler; Jack Benny; Gunsmoke; Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar; Hawk Larabee; Suspense and more.

Birthday week tributes for George Burns; Cary Grant; J. Carroll Naish (Life With Luigi); Edgar Allan Poe; Margaret O’Brien; Tudor Owen (Pat Novak For Hire, Pete Kelly’s Blues); musical director Cy Feuer (Escape); Producer/Director Jaime Del Valle (The Lineup, Richard Diamond, Johnny Dollar); DeForest Kelley (Suspense’s Fleshpeddler, Star Trek) and actor Elliott Reid (Suspense, Escape).


5 thoughts on “Jan. 15th to Jan. 21st 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. I noticed and appreciate the double Box 13 for next week. I also enjoyed Pete Kelly’s Blues which is on this weeks schedule. I never heard of that program before but I enjoyed the story and its humor. Are there many episodes of that program?

  2. dear Greg, why do we have to have so much jack benny,burns and harris and faye. they were never comedians and now they are even worse being played over and over and over again.

    1. Because they were not only extremely popular back then, but are popular with my listeners today. I will strongly, but respectfully, disagree with you, they not only were comedians they were the best of the best!

      1. Once again we have someone complaining about this show or that show. We are not all the same in this world with our likes and our tastes. If that were true, we would all be married to the same woman or man.

        There are some comedies that I just love, some I can’t take either. Ditto with the mysteries and cop shows, some are terrific and some are so so. Westerns, every Gunsmoke I ever heard is great. Some others, not so much. I pass on them.

        The point is, if every show was to my liking then I would be pulling my hair out trying to catch them all. Thank goodness it ain’t that way and I can listen to other stuff, like Talk Shows and Rock & Roll, when my non-tastes are on.

        Whatever you do, Greg, don’t ever have a week where I like EVERY show.

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