Jan. 22nd to Jan. 28th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Hey folks coming up in this week – another new to the channel Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon – The Broderick Matter from November of 1955. It will be followed by a “new one” from The Adventures of the Saint with Vincent Price. Other new to the channel offerings are from Fort Laramie (marking the 56th anniversary of the series debut); Gunsmoke, Wild Bill Hickok, Our Miss Brooks, The Screen Director’s Playhouse (Rosalind Russell in Hired Wife); Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Suspense, The Whistler, Red Skelton and more.

We have birthday week tributes for Howard McNear, Portland Hoffa, Arnold Moss, author Gwen Bagni and W.C. Fields.


10 thoughts on “Jan. 22nd to Jan. 28th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. I made my opinions known on the blog about a week ago. You just can’t please some of the people all of the time, or all of the people some of the time.

    Thank GOODNESS not all shows are a must hear for me. My usual favorites are a must hear, often more than once. A few are “catch them if I can”. Then there are some that I don’t really care for. That lets me plan my day around Radio Classics and the other channels.

    The only small complaint is often my real favorite, YTJD Marathons, isn’t played enough. If I miss it early in the week I have to work hard to catch it by the end of the week.

    Other than that, this channel is super. I don’t know how many times I will hear a show and say out loud, “those guys were GOOD in their day”.

  2. I am continually amazed at how often Howard McNear shows up on a variety of shows.

    I have been reading up on CBS radio on how any ‘body’ available might be used in almost any role. Being under contract meant ‘wherever we need you, you will go’……

    I still record shows every week. I am not a fan of many of the comedies but I still manage to record about 20-24 hours a week on my XMp3 player and truly enjoy jumping form one show to the next in the blocks.

    I do hope Greg finds some more OTR actors to interview before their time is over in this world. I have so enjoyed these interviews.

  3. About four years ago I left Sirius and switched my subscription to XM, mainly because of the stinkin radio shows playing on their classic radio channel. I’m thinking that you are now playing the shows from those Sirius days. Honestly, I think I’ve listened to three shows the past two weeks. Not like a couple of months and more ago when you had an assortment of “interesting” shows. Greg, you know, the “comedys” are not in the least funny or even amusing, and then there is Dr Kildare! Just want you to understand that there are some men out here and we need to hear manly shows, not air headed woman radio. Give us back our westerns and science fiction. It’s a shame that shows like Gunsmoke and Dragnet had a 30 year run, but can’t win out over all this boring stuff that probably didn’t last two seasons. Now, please don’t misunderstand me, I don’t mind sharing, the key word being sharing. I can tune into Rush or Fox or my MP of Gunsmoke while you all hear about how miserly ol Jack is, again, that’s fine. I left Sirius and have now one month left on my fourth yearly subscription. If there is nothing for me here, like the guy on Ranchos Labeatos (whatever) of the somewhere said. Adious…Guess you’ll like that.

    1. reggieh,

      I don’t like that, it actually saddens me a little bit, but on the other hand you could not be more wrong about the popularity of the comedy programs on the channel. And while you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, please do not tell me what mine is. I love the comedies, not all of them sure, but many of them. And although I am not a big fan personally of Dr. Kildare; plenty of our listeners are. Plus it is a nice fresh change of pace series. This is not a channel created for only “manly” shows and never will be. This is a channel for men, women and children and continues to grow with “new stuff” every week. I am sorry you are unhappy and that you need to move on, but I am not sorry that we play a wide variety of genres and shows.

      1. Never said to play only manly shows. I said I did not mind to share. But, if your audience is comprised of men, women and children, though I can’t quite figure when the kids will listen, then that is one third man shows. Maybe before you put all the new stuff into the rotation, you check out the popularity of those shows back in their day. However, it is your show, and you will do as you please, as is your privilege. For myself, I sincerely hope that the programming will improve in the next month. Thank you for 6 shooter and gunsmoke today, I do have both series complete on MP3, as well as others, so I won’t run outta entertainment anytime in the next years. Yes, and it makes me sad also to pull the plug after seven or eight years. But, 75% of my listening time is directed toward these classics and channel 4, which has been ruined with the addition and influence of Jonathan Schwartz. Now, there is no point in paying serius/xm for a service which is rarely used. At least I’ll save $380 which will affect XM more than you. And I thought it a good thing when the two merged.

  4. Hey Sharon. Thanks for the heads up on Gerald Mohr for the rest of our listeners. Like you I dashed to my TV set when I heard that unmistakeable voice. Wow, what a handsome man. They don’t make ’em like that anymore (lol).

  5. I recently added Turner Classic Movies to my cable package and have been thrilled to recognize actors just from their voices, thanks to Radio Classics. I was letting the TV run while doing housework when I heard the unmistakable voice of Gerald Mohr. I raced to the living room to see him in “The Lone Wolf in London”, dressed up to impersonate Indian rajas or something. It gave me such a thrill to finally lay eyes on the face that went with that voice.

    That movie is showing again Saturday morning on TCM, if anyone wants to tear themselves away from SiriusXM Radio long enough to watch it. 🙂

  6. i was looking foward to listening to the ” Good Neighbor Policy” episode of Phlip Marlowe this afternoon. A really good one I think. But after “Lady In The Lake” all I heard was a bunch of ads and a Stan Freigerg skit ( which I do like }. What happened? Both show schedules have Marlowe in that spot?

  7. Radio Classics is the perfect companion on this frosty morning in South Jersey. We are covered with an inch of ice glaze over a dusting of snow. Looking forward to double episodes of Box 13. Will make a cup of tea to enjoy with the Agatha Christie, that is on now.

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