Jan. 29th to Feb. 4th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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The new to the channel stuff continues as does a number of listener requests!

This week features “new” episodes include the Bob Bailey pre-Johnny Dollar series, Let George Do It; The Whistler, Suspense, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Red Skelton; Mr. District Attorney; Our Miss Brooks, Mr. & Mrs. North; The Life Of Riley; Gunsmoke; Fort Laramie as well as the channel debut of Pursuit with Ted DeCorsia and Bill Johnstone.

We have a Superman Man of Steel Marathon; an hour marking the anniversary of the series debut of Frontier Gentleman starring John Dehner and the 76th anniversary of the launch of The Green Hornet.

Among the birthday week tributes: Victor Mature (in a new one from Suspense); Clark Gable (filling in for Gary Cooper in a Lux Radio Theater version of A Farewell To Arms) and Tallulah Bankhead (stepping in for Bette Davis in a Screen Director’s Playhouse version of Dark Victory.)





2 thoughts on “Jan. 29th to Feb. 4th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Greg, my 13 year old loves listening to your show on his commute to and from school (7-7:30, 2:30-3) We finally downloaded your schedule so that we’d be able to keep track of the shows. Are there any in particular that you’d recommend for someone his age? He has been an avid audiobook listened for years. Thanks!

  2. Greg, I really enjoy all your background material on the radio shows especially about the actors. The one thing I would like you to cover in your comments are how many of the sound effects are made. In the 1950’s our Girl Scout troop went to Radio City Music Hall and I was amazed how some of the sound effects were made: coconut shells used on a sandy board to make hoof beats etc. It has been 62 years so I don’t know if this is accurate or not. Again thank you for all stories about the actors, their lives and history of radio. A staunch listener (74 years old),
    Carroll Bennett.

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