Feb. 12th to Feb. 18th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Okay sure we are celebrating Valentine’s Day but on Sirius XM RadioClassics more importantly that means it is Jack Benny’s Birthday!

This year we have new to the channel episodes from his long running radio series including one which features a parody of the classic film Casablanca (Airdate 10/17/43) and one broadcast from Canada (Airdate 2/14/43)

I also have brought back a two-hour Valentine’s Day comedy block featuring shows by Alan Young, Judy Canova, The Life Of Riley and Fibber McGee & Molly. This year though it also features a portion of my interview with Alan Young.

Totally new this year is something were are calling George Valentine’s Day it’s three in a row from Bob Bailey’s pre-Johnny Dollar radio series, Let George Do It on which he plays private detective George Valentine.

We also have a two-hour all new to the channel special marking Joseph Kearns’ birthday featuring Gunsmoke, Suspense and two from The Whistler.

Other birthday tributes;  Edgar Bergen, Abraham Lincoln, Chester Morris, Adolphe Menjou, Staats Cotsworth and belated ones for Nigel Bruce and Lana Turner.


4 thoughts on “Feb. 12th to Feb. 18th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Anyone catch “Pete Kelly’s Blues” last week on Turner Classic Movies? Pretty good movie with Jack Webb as Pete, a very young Martin Milner (Adam 12), Lee Marvin and former Johnny Dollar Edmond O’Brien. Andy Devine was great as the detective wanting to bust O’Brien’s character for illegal booze. Just a wonderful movie with great acting and a cool soundtrack especially with Ella Fitzgerald.

  2. Greg, I’m one those who love the birthday specials!! I love the Benny Show very much, and I can see why it still has a place today. But mostlylike it because it is clean funny comedy without all the profanity laced stuff of today!! Keep up the great work Greg!!!

  3. *smacks self* I can’t believe I forgot Jack Benny’s birthday is coming up! (I blame my low-grade jealousy of people who have Significant Others.) Greg, I am one of those persons you keep saying exist: a fan of Mr. Benny and his show. Now I suddenly can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!

    I’m even going to refrain this week from switching over when Alan Young’s show comes on. I don’t care much for his program but I love listening to interviews with people from “way back when”. I recently saw Mr. Young in the original (?) Time Machine; what a voice talent!

    Is that enough gushing? Okay, I’ll stop.

    1. I wasn’t sure if I would like Alan Young at first either. However, I have come to realize that he is indeed very talented and entertaining. What I just don’t get is Charlie McCarthy. A ventriloquist on the radio strikes me as hilarious. The show,….not so much.

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