Feb. 19th to Feb. 25th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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As we do every year on the week the leads up to the Oscars, we have a number of Academy Award Best Picture winners as adapted for radio. The highlight this year is a new to the channel half-hour version of “The Best Years of Our Lives” as presented on The Screen Director’s Assignment and starring Dana Andrews.  We also bring back Lux Radio Theatre’s versions of “All About Eve” and “It Happened One Night” Other Oscar winning and/or nominated films include “Going My Way”; “The Yearling” and Jack Benny’s take on “It’s A Wonderful Life”

There also is a President’s Day tribute as well as birthday week specials for Jim Backus, Robert Young, Gale Gordon, Sheldon Leonard, writer Larry Gelbart and composer Fred Steiner.

Additional new to the channel episodes from Let George Do It, The Saint, The Life Of Riley, The Red Skelton Show, Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Mr. District Attorney, Nick Carter Master Detective, Mr. & Mrs. North and more.



5 thoughts on “Feb. 19th to Feb. 25th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Hearing that “Suspense” with Lana Turner was a treat. It was interesting when it was noted that she was the top actress of, I think it was 1948 and 1949.

    She was certainly beautiful during the 40’s and eventually became a terrific actress also. I guess being on radio, actors and actresses had to learn to project feeling and emotion strictly with their voices.

    Someone like Lana Turner had that outer beauty that sadly some of our favorites did not. Virginia Gregg, William Conrad, just to name two of the best on radio, couldn’t be the big stars in movies and TV.

    1. For someone who “couldn’t be the big stars in movies and TV”, William Conrad sure spent a lot of years on TV…..

  2. What a great schedule coming up.

    I just love Bergen and Charlie, especially their shows you played this week .. wonderful people and they really keep you smiling and laughing … and the music was fabulous, too. Gershwin is always good and the other songs had truly talented lyrics with the melodies. What a time to be living in those days.

    Somehow you always manage a terrific combination of comedy and scary stuff and educational stuff each week — all I can say is I’m glad you love your job because you are really good at it.

    I watched “The Lost Weekend ” solely because that is one of my favorite Jack Benny shows with Jack and Ray Milland together. I think I liked the spoof better than the movie; although Mr Milland’s delirium with the mouse and bat was pretty creepy (:

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