March 11th to March 17th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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It’s a week that begins with Daylight Savings Time and ends with St. Patrick’s Day so I guess we are getting close to Spring!

A highlight this week is a new to the channel St. Patrick’s Day 1946 episode of The Jack Benny Program. Not only do they celebrate the holiday and mark the return of cast member and Irish tenor Dennis Day (from serving in the US Navy during WWII), but the gang does a hilarious parody of The Fred Allen Show’s “Allen’s Alley” segment.

Also be sure to check out the two-hour Jerry Lewis birthday (he is 86!) week special with four episodes of The Martin & Lewis Radio Show. We also spend two-hours with Mercedes McCambridge including a new to the channel series known as Defense Rests (later renamed Defense Attorney). Another talented lady getting a two-hour special is Georgia Ellis (Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke), and we have further birthday week tributes for announcer Harlow Wilcox (Suspense, Fibber McGee & Molly); actor Karl Weber (Dimension X, Murder By Experts); Edward Pawley (Big Town); writer Frank Burt (The Six Shooter) and director Charles D. Livingstone (The Green Hornet).




8 thoughts on “March 11th to March 17th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. I liked how last week, in your into to Fibber McGee and Molly, you mentioned that it was Mrs. Abigail Uppington’s (Isabel Randolph) last appearance, but didn’t mention that it was also Mert’s, the infamous telephone operator, one and only voice appearance on FM & M — I never realized they occurred on the same show.

      1. According to Clair Schulz in his book “Fibber McGee and Molly: On The Air 1935-1959” Myrt was voiced my Virginia Gordon, Gale’s wife. It was also the last show of Bill Thompson until January 1946, as he left for the Navy. Amazing times, and I have great admiration for Thompson & Gale Gordon (Coast Guard) leaving their careers and a successful show to serve our country. Schulz’s book has a description of each FM&M show.

  2. I guess we will all see….

    I watched all of the Clayton Moore reruns every Saturday morning (TV 27 is Worchester, MA) for what seemed like forever….

    I hope it is good….the bird on his head threw me….

    I never wanted to go see the ‘new’ Green Hornet. Again, it was based on being a kid. I watched it on a flight to Germany last year. It killed 2 hours and I got a chuckle or two but it did not work for me like the Michael Keaton Batman movies did.

    In the end I guess I want the Masked Man back on XM82….

    1. Michael I believe Johnny Depp will do a great job as Tonto. He throws himself into a roll and I do believe he will portray Tonto better then Seth Rogan portrayed the Green Hornet. I am looking forward to the film.

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