March 25th to March 31st 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

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More new stuff this week on the channel. First of all as you’ll notice our exclusive content provider has provided us with their terrestrial (regular) radio syndicated program, When Radio Was. It will air daily at Noon ET (11am CT, 10am MT, 9am PT) Monday through Friday then on Saturday mornings at 8am ET and Sunday afternoons at 6pm ET (3pm PT).

While you’ll know the host of When Radio Was pretty well 🙂 you’ll also hear how these classic shows are presented for regular radio. It will feature many shows you are familiar with plus lots of “new” stuff.

Also as I mentioned earlier, after thousands of listeners emails (and my frequent begging) RadioClassics is now set to be available online (and as a mobile app for iPhones, etc)

These changes not only make listening more convenient, but also will lead to lots of “new to the channel” episodes and series in the coming months.

Now specifically this week; we have centennial birthday tributes for both Frank Lovejoy (Nightbeat, The Whistler, Escape) and Lucille Fletcher (writer of Sorry, Wrong Number & The Hitchhiker) as well as birthday specials for Les Damon (The Falcon); Earl Ross (Judge Hooker on Great Gildersleeve); Richard Denning (My Favorite Husband, Mr. & Mrs. North); Ed Begley Sr. (Richard Diamond, Private Detective, The Fat Man) and Philip Rapp (creator of The Bickersons, writer for Baby Snooks).




11 thoughts on “March 25th to March 31st 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. When Sirius and XM merged and Greg took over the broadcasting of Radio Classics on Sirius, I was very happy! His way of running the schedule is SO MUCH better than what Sirius was doing previously. Much more variety and his commentary is nice to listen to. I was very disappointed to see the schedule this week, though. With the “When Radio Was” shows put in there, it messes up the replaying of the show blocks. Also, the hour after the “WRW” hour is repeated every other day. Very disappointing for someone like me who listens to almost every show block every week. Now with the show blocks not all repeating at least 4 times each week, I will miss several of them. I figure that if I wanted to listen to the terrestrial radio version of Radio Classics, I would listen on regular radio. I pay for SiriusXM (a lifetime subscription, plus a second radio that is month to month) because I like the exclusivity of it. Is this a permanent change, Greg? I just wanted to put my input in. Thanks Greg for all the great programming!

    1. Then again the new deal added only 7 hours of When Radio Was per week which means 161 hours per week stay the same as it has been for years (that just 4% of the week.) We finally get the channel online and as a phone app and a lot more “new” content coming soon. So I am sorry Eric it does not work for you, but I think most listeners will be happy with all the positive things this brings.


      1. I guess it may just be a matter of “I don’t like change”. No problem. As I said, I really like the way you handle the schedule. Much better than Sirius used to do it before the merge.

      2. I am glad to hear about the new content coming soon. After 5 years it seems most weeks I have heard everything at least once except for a couple of programs.

    1. Hey, thanks buddy. Ya know, when Betty (Don’t call me Loren) and me was workin’ together, we always made the sparks fly on the set. That’s why the movies had so much realism, because they ARE real, at least they were to me.

      If any of you see her down there, (yeah, I live in the “upstairs” part of town, if ya know what I mean…) tell her I miss her, but she is to take her time before joining me. She already IS an angel and I was sure blessed to be with her.

      Any of you other folks who come to join me, the first drink is on me at Rick’s Americana Cafe. We still shoot up those evil “you know who’s” that come in and try to strong arm me and others. It’s all in fun now, but what else have we got to do, now that I’m in Heaven.

      Oh by the way, Ed says “Hi” and thanks for thinking of him.

      Be tough and always protect the vulnerable, those who who would push the young ones and ladies around. Don’t take no guff from no one!

      Character off: You’re so right Michael-NE Ohio, and don’t forget Victor Mature playing off Richard Widmark in “Kiss of Death,” or the many roles of John Garfield and so much more. Tough guys with a heart are my types, not much worth looking at these days with all the rot coming from Hollywood. VERY little IMO and why I’m letting my 6yr. old grandson become interested on his own in listening to radio rather than letting his mind stagnate in front of a T.V..

  2. Just logged in to tell everyone, but apparently I’m not the only one who has discovered that Radio Classics is FINALLY online! Awesome! Haven’t heard Greg talk about it, but a friend mentioned it, so I signed up for the 7 day free trial to listen online, and there it is. Finally a reason to pay for the listen online option.

  3. What a morning! What a morning INDEED! So I was scanning through the channels on my Droid X phone on my Sirius-XM app (something I rarely do because I usually only access my favorites) and I saw Radio Classics. I had to blink a couple times and couldn’t believe it was ONLINE!!!

    Some people will remember me from the past on this site. I was an XM subscriber and avid Radio Classics listener (the old 164!) from Christmas 2004 until about six months ago when financial belt tightening forced me to get rid of my in-home XM unit and only subscribe online to listen via my phone. This decision was delayed for months because I didn’t want to lose the channel, but I finally had to do it. Like Shannon said, there are plenty of chances to listed to OTR with various apps, but there is only one Greg Bell! I really missed the information provided.

    So you can’t imagine how excited I am to come back to the flock–so to speak. Thankfully this finally got done! Good to be back, Greg and fellow OTRers!

    1. Welcome home, Matt. So many familiar names have defected to facebook.
      Glad to have you back here. I do remember you from back in the day.

  4. Oh, wonderful news! (The When Radio Was program, that is.) I’ve tried to listen to Old Time Radio programs through other media but it’s just not the same without your commentary between tracks, Greg.

    I’m not saying this just to suck up, mind you. I had fully planned to cancel my SiriusXM subscription after I’d found a replacement. The shows can be accessed elsewhere but not the informative chatter (and interviews), so I never found a replacement. And now I’m subscribing largely because of one channel and one on-air personality.

    Keep up the good work and I look forward to hearing your new show!

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