April 29th to May 5th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the schedule is ready, just click to see Full Story & Pictures and then this link; ShowSchedules

Yes folks, RadioClassics Channel 82 is online now as part of the Sirius XM internet service (and available on the Sirius XM Phone App)!

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A very busy week for birthdays beginning with Eve Arden (Our Miss Brooks); we also celebrate centennial birthdays for both Bret Morrison (The Shadow) and Ian Martin (Cloak & Dagger, Suspense) and honor a radio legend who actually made to his centennial, Norman Corwin (he passed away in October at age 101!).

We’ll also present two different Bing Crosby  birthday week specials and mark the 80th anniversary of Jack Benny’s debut on radio by playing a “First & Finale” special. That is when we play the a debut followed by a final episodes. In the case of Benny, the first is The Canada Program from May 2nd, 1932 and then The Jack Benny Program from May 22nd, 1955.

New to the channel episodes from The Shadow, The Weird Circle, Fort Laramie, The Shadow, Our Miss Brooks, Dark Fantasy, Suspense and more.





14 thoughts on “April 29th to May 5th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. A couple of comments about “The Channel”.

    I, too, love old radio programs. Just close your eyes and imagine what all the characters look like. And guess what Joe Friday’s wearing besides those tap shoes, grin.

    There are only about 8-10 channels of XM radio I ever listen to, plus the play-by-play sports channels. Channel 82 is one of them. But, over the past 6 months to a year, my listening enjoyment has declined considerably. I have three XM radios, including one in the car. So I listen a lot!

    Now, stepping up on the soapbox . . .

    Birthday tributes: I used to enjoy “The Channel” more when there were less birthday tributes and 2-hour blocks of one show. The birthday tributes may be OK for the major stars. But writers, secondary actors, etc . . .??? What’s the point? Let’s keep these to once a week. Tops. It used to be one could hear a different theme each half-hour. A western followed by detectives followed by a comedy followed by whatever.

    On time, or not on time: Back in the good, old days (6-7 years ago) you could depend on a show starting right at the top of the hour. And then at :30. Just like it was back in the 40s and 50s when one was listening to the radio. I planned my commute departure and arrival times on the hour and half to be able to listen to an entire episode. Can’t do that any longer. Lately, (since WRW reared its ugly head) it’s impossible to know when a show will actually start and stop. The printed schedule is a crap shoot. As others have written, programs may start 1/2 hour or so late. I used to set up my computer to record a show in the middle of the night to be played back when convenient. Can’t do that any longer, either.

    Commercials: C’mon! I pay to listen to old radio programs. Not to hear ads. And a great number of ads are for products of questionable character: Andy Willoughby’s home business; get rid of belly fat; stop snoring; buy gold and silver; and on and on. Jeez!

    Audio Quality: with all of the technology available today, we shouldn’t have to listen to scratchy/muffled/inaudible recordings being presented. It’s amazing that “Police Headquarters’, 75+ years old, sounds better than some of the programs from the 40s and 50s. Somebody did some work on those. It only goes to prove that the ‘programmers’ most likely don’t even listen to all of the programs. Just plug them in the rotation to fill the time. I’d be ashamed to present a number of the shows we hear due to their poor audio. The one, lately, ‘from Oklahoma’, is a good example. Talk about horrible. How did that ever make it on the air?? I’ve taken a lousy sounding program and cleaned them up with a free computer program making it sound very good. No clicks, no scratches, no muffled voices. Just imagine what could be done with professional equipment and a little effort on the part of ‘the programmers’! I hope the quality of the ‘boxed sets’ Radio Spirits is selling is better than what we have to endure on some of the programs on ‘The Channel’.

    And we all know Greg Bell isn’t there at 3 AM and 8 AM and 2 PM and 9 PM. Seven days-a-week.

    Jumping off the soapbox, awaiting your thoughts.

  2. Just heard the Gunsmoke episode about the $50,000 train hold-up. Chester said it was in the form of double eagles ($20 gold pieces). They turned up in the 18-year-old’s saddlebag, and Chester brought the money over to Matt at the end. FACT CHECK: 2,500 double eagles would weigh about 180 pounds, which would take some heavy lifting! $50,000 in paper money would have been easier to handle.

  3. Ditto Robin. Doing a great job Greg.

    Everyone has opinions and comments. Cannot please everyone.

  4. Greg, as always, you are doing a GREAT job! The minor changes caused by adding When Radio Was to the schedule are a small price to pay for all the new advantages – access on the internet, more “new” episodes and series, etc. As with most things, complaints are usually voiced louder than praise. For what it’s worth, Radio Classics is still my absolute favorite channel, always on in my car, overnight in my home, and now at work on my computer. Thank you, thank you!

    1. It seems like since ‘Radio Spirits’, where I think most of these programs always came from, made their presence known, they have had a bigger role in the scheduling. This show is the reason I became a “Lifetime” subscriber 7 years ago. Now that the Folk Music channel has been delegated to online only, this is the only channel I listen to on my 3 XM radios. Greg is still awesome, but the channel seems to have slipped in ‘customer care’.

      1. All the scheduling of this channel is handled by me personally. If you have specific issues with the shows I am selecting, please share that with me. Nothing has changed on this channel with the exception of adding When Radio Was (and of course getting the channel online and on the Sirius XM phone app) When Radio Was is Radio Spirits regular radio station program, so the format is slightly different, but the rest of the 161 hours per week (out of 168) are the same as they were before. Thanks Greg

  5. I am not much at complaining as usually my favorite shows play plenty of times for me to catch them. But……………..

    Looking at this week’s schedule, “Yours Truly Johnny Dollar” marathon doesn’t play in the daytime until Friday? One time at midnight prior to that. Will I have to set my alarm to get up and hear it? And unless I misread the schedule, “Pat Novak for Hire” only plays ONE time, Friday?

    Surely this week is just an odd ball week. Surely?

    1. I also noticed that about the YTJD would like to see it more and in the daytime but i will try to listen when ever it is on….

    2. That Pat Novak is part of When Radio Was, and they want that show running only once per week (just like it airs on regular radio stations) all the shows are archived though at http://www.whenradiowas.com As to the Johnny Dollar issue you brought up, this highlights what I have dealt with for 10 years now. I used to get I got complaints that I repeated shows too many times over a 7 day week. And now I am hearing that I am not repeating them enough. ?? Fortunately, a wise listener once wrote here on this very blog “If I try to please everyone equally, I will end up pleasing nobody” Oh well, still the best job I ever had. Greg

  6. I remember Eve Arden as a youngster and the re-runs of Our Miss Brooks. I have alway felt she was a true star right up there with Lucy!!

  7. It’s funny. When I was younger I thought Eve Arden was just an old Plain-Jane bag. Now as I am older, I see her as a great looking, sexy lady. In “Mildred Pierce”, she was nice in there, and pleasant to look at.

    Ok, I am getting old. But it’s why I love the Radio Classics.

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