June 3rd to June 9th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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It is the first full week of June and we have a special D-Day episode of Orson Welles Radio Almanac; a two-hour Dragnet (4 episodes) special marking the 63rd anniversary of the series debut; birthday week tributes for Dean Martin, Rosalind Russell, Tony Curtis, Joseph Julian, Tom Collins and more.

New to the channel this week episodes from Suspense, The Whistler, Dark Fantasy, The Saint, The Chase, Jack Benny, etc.

I also am featuring a two-hour Jimmy Stewart festival with episodes of The Six Shooter and Lux Radio Theater’s version of his 1939 motion picture, “Made For Each Other.” This includes interviews I conducted up in Jimmy’s hometown of Indiana, Pennsylvania back on the weekend of his birth (May 19th-20th) I visited with a number of folks connected to the Jimmy Stewart Museum and share some of that will all of you. This upcoming weekend June 9th and 10th – Indiana, PA celebrates their native son with the Jimmy Stewart Airport and Museum Festival. You can learn more about it at the museum’s website or right HERE.






6 thoughts on “June 3rd to June 9th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Greeting everybody. The Horn Blows at Midnight alert. Today at 11:30 am est on TCM Jack Benny’s classic movie will be on. If you haven’t already seen this movie I suggest you TiVo it and watch it over the weekend. You won’t regret it.

  2. My son was required to read Farenheit 451 for an English class. Being a teenager at the time, he did not realize/appreciate good thought provoking stories. Watching the movie helped him understand it better. It certainly left an impression because he still remembers the story and definitely knows who Ray Bradbury was.

  3. 2012 has been quite a year so far. So many celebrities within 6 months have passed away. Today we add to the list, Ray Bradbury.

    1. I started reading Sci-Fi because of Mr. Bradbury….

      In fact I just recently found a set of 1st editions of many of his works. I thought the asking price was a little expensive but now they may be a deal.

      Ray’s Sci-Fi was thought provoking, stimulating and ‘scary’ on a level that current Sci-Fi can never hope to reach…it was so real.

      Goodbye Mr. Bradbury and thank you….

  4. Hi Greg, i know I don’t have to remind you but BoB Bailey has a birtday coming up June 13. and if i am not wrong it will be his 99th this year. best wishes and keep up the good work

  5. Greg, I would like to thank you playing the Pride of the Marines last week Greg. I watched this movie many time growing up!!

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