June 10th to June 16th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule

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Yes folks, RadioClassics Channel 82 is online now as part of the Sirius XM internet service (and available on the Sirius XM Phone App)!

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The week begins with a special tribute for Ray Bradbury. The truly legendary science fiction author died on Tuesday, June 5th at age 91.

I have four radio episodes featuring his work; The CBS Radio Workshop’s” Two By Bradbury (Season of Disbelief/Hail & Farewell)”; Suspense’s “Kaleidoscope”; Suspense’s “Zero Hour” and Suspense’s “The Screaming Woman”. The two-hour Bradbury tribute will air Sunday (June 10th) at 8am ET (7am CT, 6am MT, 5am PT) and then again at 8pm ET (7pm CT, 6pm MT, 5pm PT).

Also some major birthday week tributes leading the way probably the most popular actor on this channel (judging from emails to greg@gregbellmedia.com and postings on the blog and Facebook page) – Bob Bailey! He will be featured on Let George Do It, Suspense and of course Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar. A half-hour version guest starring Vincent Price and a rare 6 partJohnny Dollar Marathon.

We also mark the birthdays of Judy Garland (with Lux’s Wizard Of Oz and a dramatic turn on Suspense); Gerald Mohr (Philip Marlowe, etc); Ona Munson (Suspense, Big Town); announcer Larry Keating (This Is Your FBI); composer David Rose (Red Skelton Show); sci-fi author Murray Leinster (Dimension X, Exploring Tomorrow); Joe DeSantis (The Clock, The Chase); Jack Albertson (Milton Berle Show) and more.



3 thoughts on “June 10th to June 16th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedule”

  1. Happy Birthday to you, Mandy. You are very lucky to celebrate with my favorite, Gerald Moore. What a distinctive voice and laugh he had. Did you happen to take a glimpse of the young George Burns? Wow !! I would never have guessed that was Ol’ George.

  2. Wonderful schedule this week. Thanks for the Ray Bradbury tribute. A true pioneer of science fiction.

    I was hoping for some delightful things on my birthday and thankfully some of my favorites have a birthday this week: Basil Rathbone, Gerald Mohr, Suspense, and the delightful Bob Bailey. What a treat!

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