Nov. 4th to Nov. 10th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking to see Full Story & Pictures and then the following link; ShowSchedules

A couple of things before I detail this week’s shows;

It’s been awhile since I promoted this great website –  It was created by a channel fan, film and TV writer Derek Haas (Wanted, 3:10 to Yuma, NBC’s Chicago Fire) in part after he fell in love with the great stories featured on RadioClassics. Check out the latest story submitted by screenwriter Eric  Heisserer (2011’s The Thing, 2010’s Nightmare On Elm Street), it’s a great little story known as The Final Interview.

Also Derek Haas’ new novel “The Right Hand” is out on November 13th. Haven’t read it yet, but sure it is as good as his first three novels, two of which I was lucky enough to narrate the audiobook version The Silver Bear & Columbus

Okay on to the channel – this week featured birthday week tributes for Art Carney; Joel McCrea (Tales Of The Texas Rangers); Roy Rogers; June Havoc (Suspense’s “Black Angel: Eve”); writer/producer Robert A. Arthur (The Sealed Book, The Mysterious Traveler); director Norman McDonnell (Gunsmoke, Fort Laramie, Philip Marlowe); as well as marking the 75th anniversary of the debut of the series, Dr. Christian.

We’ll also have a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon, an election day episode from Phil Harris & Alice Faye; and requested offerings from The Bickersons; Vic & Sade; Lum & Abner; My Favorite Husband and more.

The bookings are going well for the Radio Spirits Old-Time Radio Cruise planned for June 22nd-27th 2013, (NYC to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer Of The Seas) but plenty of cabins still available so if you are interested please contact us ASAP – visit the website at call Larry at 800-269-2127  Lots of great activities planned, you can see that by clicking HERE


6 thoughts on “Nov. 4th to Nov. 10th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. Sharon, I hope that you renew your subscription. I would hate to lose you. We lost so many to Facebook. I know you probably don’t think it is worth it to pay all that money to listen to one channel but you will miss out on the inside scoops that Greg provides. We have 3 subscriptions in our household so I know it is costly. That is why I draw the line on the online version and phone app costs. If you do decide to come back please leave us a post on the blog.

    1. Thanks, Lana. I’ve been a subscriber since 2003 and Radio Classics was my last chance at not being bored with the channels on offer. And I have been in love with the programming here for over five years.

      But even with all the new-to-the-channel programming, the repeats are getting to me after all this time.

      Rest assured, though, that if I find I can’t take it I’ll be back!

  2. Well, this pleasant Sunday afternoon I looked up a few earlyLone Ranger episodes on the web…and their wonderful story lines on the screen were narrated all along the way by none other than our devout old-time-radio personality par exellance — Gerald More. What a great combo they make — !!

  3. I have about six weeks left in my subscription and this channel is the only one I’m going to miss. How addicted have I been to the programming here? I offer this example: I dreamed I brought a “bad boy” home to meet my family, who were predictably horrified. When I woke up I realized Bad Boy had been played by … a young Orson Welles.

  4. Last week I was thinking that I would like to hear June Havoc in (Eve) and this week it is on the schedule. Wow. I really enjoyed the Halloween specials. I hope my recording times will not get messed up due to the end of daylight savings time.

    1. Ha! I worry about this with every time change. Thank goodness there are repeats in case I miss a show or two.

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