Nov. 11th to Nov. 17th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking to see Full Story & Pictures and then the following link; ShowSchedules

Hard to believe we are about halfway through November already, before you know it we will be playing tons of Thanksgiving themed episodes followed soon after by Christmas shows.

This week though begins with Veteran’s Day and this year we have two different two-hour specials marking it. The first is an annual tradition featuring two  Norman Corwin penned episodes; This Is War: America At War from February 14th, 1942 and Fourteen August hosted by Orson Welles and broadcast in 1945 to mark the end of World War Two. Sandwiched in between those two episodes will be a Revolutionary War story on American Portraits and a Korean War thriller on Suspense (Flight of the Bumblebee starring Fred MacMurray).

The second Veteran’s Day Special begins with back to back new to the channel offerings from The CBS Radio Workshop. One follows the fighting boys into battle (Harmonica Solo) the other looks at the impact the war has on civilians (Air Raid). In the second part of that two-hour block we have Jimmy Stewart in Suspense’s Mission Completed and Frank Lovejoy in The Cavalcade Of America’s A Walk In The Sun.

Also this week, birthday tributes for Jim Jordan (Fibber McGee); lovely blonde movie star, Veronica Lake; Dick Powell (Richard Diamond); cartoon voice wiz Daws Butler (he was Yogi Bear, Quick Draw McGraw and so on); famed author Robert Louis Stevenson; and a centennial celebration for character actor George Petrie (District Attorney Markham on Philo Vance).

And finally remember I would love to have you join me for the Radio Spirits Old-Time Radio Cruise planned for June 22nd-27th 2013 – visit the website at or call Larry at 800-269-2127  Cabins are still available. Lots of great activities planned, you can see that by clicking HERE


4 thoughts on “Nov. 11th to Nov. 17th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. Dick Powell is great in Richard Diamond. He is very funny and always solves the cases.

    Happy Veterans Day to all of our Veterans. A BIG thank you for serving our country.

    1. I never did get an answer as to whether or not Lamont was revealed as the Shadow on the final episode. Does anyone know?

  2. Dick Powell was the man..Richard Diamond my favorite character next to Bob Bailey as Johnny Dollar…awesome!
    These shows are better than most programs onTV..

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