Nov. 18th to Nov. 24th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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Happy Thanksgiving to All of You! (Even all my Canadian listeners whose Thanksgiving was actually back on October 8th – which just happened to also be my 5th anniversary of taking over as host of When Radio Was!)

As you can expect we have lots of Thanksgiving themed radio shows from the usual suspects; Jack Benny Program; The Life Of Riley; Father Knows Best; Abbott & Costello; The Great Gildersleeve; Our Miss Brooks; Phil Harris & Alice Faye; The Aldrich Family; Burns & Allen and even some dramas including Sam Spade; Let George Do It; Jeff Regan, Investigator and Suspense.

But it is not all Thanksgiving this week. We also have a Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon; an hour long radio version of “The Count of Monte Cristo”; and birthday week tributes for Boris Karloff; Alan Young (his 93rd); Howard Duff; Frank Graham; and, not one but, two two-hour specials for John Dehner.

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6 thoughts on “Nov. 18th to Nov. 24th, 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. Does anyone else here try to sing the Bill Stern theme song? It’s a tongue twister. Bill Stern the Colgate shave cream man is on the air/ Bill Stern the colgate shave cream man with stories rare/ Take his advice and you’ll look nice/ Your face will feel as cool as ice/ With colgate shaves you’ll be a fan.

  2. John Dehner was truly a talented guy. I never thought much about him when I would see him in the many “bad guy” roles he played on TV and in the movies. But he played the parts so well he was truly convincing, and hated.

    He really had a “face made for radio”, and he was great there. Luckily and sadly we can appreciate him long after he is gone.

  3. Sound’s great Greg!My Bday is the 23rd.How about getting in some Dick Powell stuff soon.Loved the couple hour’s of it last week.

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