Dec. 2nd to Dec. 8th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking to see Full Story & Pictures and then the following link; ShowSchedules

We are into December and so some Christmas themed shows will start trickling in to the regular schedule. This week we have holiday episodes from The Great Gildersleeve, Fibber McGee & Molly, Jack Benny & Bob Hope.

It is also a very busy week for specials led by tributes marking Pearl Harbor Day (December 7th, 1941) once again featuring Norman Corwin’s classic production; We Hold These Truths – Day Of Infamy hosted by Jimmy Stewart. You’ll also hear portions of my interviews with Corwin, radio actor Cliff Carpenter and writer/director Michael James Kacey.

We also have a number of high profile birthday week tributes including Arch Oboler (Lights Out); Agnes Moorehead (Suspense, The Shadow); producer/director William Spier (Suspense, Sam Spade); writer Cornell Woolrich (Suspense, Screen Director’s Playhouse) and Isabel Randolph (Mrs. Uppington on Fibber McGee & Molly)


9 thoughts on “Dec. 2nd to Dec. 8th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. I have collected many of the cassettes for years, starting with Adventures in Cassettes. I enjoyed both AIC and Radio Spirits, but AIC kept the dramatized commercials intact. Unlike nowdays, the commercials were short and spread out, so I enjoyed the occassional break to hear ones I remembered from many years ago (“More doctors recommend Camels than any other cigarette”,etc.). Maybe it’s just me, but it seems to add to the reality of radio listening from long ago. Of course, listening to them on my reproduction old radios also helps.

  2. Do any recordings of the original shock jock NYC’s Henry Morgen daily talk show exist? If so, would you consider airing them?

  3. What is it with not getting the “Closing Credits” on many shows now? It can’t be a time deal, we are only talking about 30 seconds to a minute.

    I hear some voices in a show and I’m curious as to who they are. What is going on?

    1. I am not sure what you are asking. Is this a recording of the shows issue? I am still doing what I always do, before and after each show I fill in the cast list if it is not on the original shows.

      1. I know I’m not dreaming this. “YTJD, The Bennett Matter”, afternoon episode Tuesday 12-11-2012. Cut off short of the closing credits.

        Jeff Chandler’s “Michael Shayne” later … same thing.

  4. I have a question too. Is that Sherman Hemsley from the Jeffersons on that Abe Lincoln parody? I only heard the last 2 or 3 minutes but it really sounds like him.

  5. Alwasy love the Start of the Christmas Eposides. Jack benny Going Shopping.
    Fibber Flocking the tree with that Vacuum cleaner.

    I do have a question for Greg et. all.

    Whats the name of the episode of the Aldrich Family where Henry tends to to the neighbors furnace while they are on vacation and Sam ends up doing it instead. I’m sure it’s a Holiday one. But I have had no luck finding it.

    1. I have heard it called both “Fixing The Furnace” and “Cleaning The Furnace” the broadcast date is November 11th, 1940.

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