Jan. 27th to Feb. 2nd 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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This week marks the 57th Anniversary of the debut of the top notch series, The CBS Radio Workshop. I am marking the event with two episodes; “The Storm” narrated by William Conrad and “People Are No Good” narrated by John Dehner. It’s just the beginning of new to the channel episodes from that series. I have most of the them available to me now. They are truly tremendous.

Speaking of new to the channel, this week also contains offerings from The Whistler, The Witch’s Tale, Dark Fantasy, Jack Benny Program, Suspense, Mr. & Mrs. North, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, Damon Runyon Theater and more.

We’ll also mark the 77th anniversary of the debut of The Green Hornet with episodes featuring both Al Hodge and Robert Hall in the leading role.

The birthday tributes include movie stars; Clark Gable, Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Mature, W.C. Fields as well as very busy radio and television actor Howard McNear (Doc on radio’s Gunsmoke, Floyd The Barber on the Andy Griffith TV Show)


5 thoughts on “Jan. 27th to Feb. 2nd 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. I’m sure glad the right size smoothy guy is gone. He didn’t use his indoor voice.
    I love this channel. Gale Gordon is a favourite in all his rolls, and Julius on Harris and Faye. Jack Benny is my favourite and I listen to all the repeats, brilliant. Our Miss Brooks is fun. I guess I like the comedies most, but the rest is great, too. If I had to listen to my own thoughts all day I’d be a mess.

  2. I wish you would put all the pictures on a separate link on your page. I would love to see all the pictures however it is hard to do. Some of the pictures you click on won’t come up ( The cast pictures of the Fibber Magee And Molly Program). I love your channel and listen to it all the time. Please post more pictures and make it easy to view them.

    Dothan, Alabama

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