March 10th to March 16th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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First of all, we are still looking for fans that would like to join me for the Radio Spirits Old-Time Radio Cruise planned for June 22nd-27th 2013 (NYC to Bermuda on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer Of The Seas). Cabins are filling up, so we need to hear from you now. You can either visit the website at or call Larry at 800-269-2127   Lots of great activities planned, you can some of those by clicking HERE

Welcome to yet another very busy week. We have a birthday specials for Jerry Lewis (He is 87!); Georgia Ellis (Miss Kitty in four straight episodes of Gunsmoke); Harlow Wilcox (announcing for Fibber McGee & Molly, The Baby Snooks Show, Suspense & Boston Blackie); Mercedes McCambridge (Defense Attorney, Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Lights Out); writer Frank Burt (The Six Shooter, The Whistler) and Richard Beals (child voice specialist CBS Radio Workshop, Gunsmoke, Suspense).

New to the channel episodes from Nick Carter, Master Detective, Screen Director’s Playhouse, Frontier Fighters, Wild Bill Hickok, Gunsmoke, The Life Of Riley, Suspense, The Whistler, Romance, Murder At Midnight, The Great Gildersleeve, Damon Runyon Theater, Adventures Of Sam Spade and more.


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3 thoughts on “March 10th to March 16th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. So that’s what Digger O’Dell (John Brown) looks like. He is my favorite character on The Life of Riley. I heard an episode a month or so ago where he didn’t appear and I felt cheated. 🙂

    And now, I’d better be shoveling off.

  2. Are Harlow Wilcox, Georgia Ellis and Mercedes MCambridge really still around? That’s very encouraging. Harlow Wilcox seemed ubiquitous, announcing virtually every radio show.

    1. Nope, Harlow Wilcox died in 1960, Georgia Ellis in 1988, and Mercedes McCambridge in 2004. Jerry Lewis is still around though and 87 on the 16th.

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