April 7th to April 13th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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Hey folks here are some of the highlights for this week on the channel;

A Man Of Steel Marathon: two hours of Superman and an 8 part storyline from August of 1946. Clayton “Bud” Collyer as both Clark Kent and The Man Of Steel, Joan Alexander as Lois Lane and Julian Noa as Daily Planet Editor Perry White.

The return of the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon storyline, “The Matter of Reasonable Doubt” from May 1956.

Lux Radio Theater’s take on the classic adventure picture, “The Treasure Of The Sierra Madre” with Humphrey Bogart and Walter Huston joined by Frank Lovejoy, Gerald Mohr and Don Diamond.

The anniversary of the following series radio debuts; Nero Wolfe, The Falcon, Dimension X, Nick Carter Master Detective and My Friend Irma.

Birthday week tributes for Harry Morgan (Mystery In The Air, This Is Your FBI); Frankie Thomas (Tom Corbett, Space Cadet); Paul McGrath (The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, The Chase); Sylvia Picker (Suzy on Box 13) and Larry Keating (This Is Your FBI).


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