April 28th to May 4th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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Wrapping up April and rolling into the month of May with a very busy week of birthdays. We celebrate  Bing Crosby, Eve Arden, Norman Corwin, Lionel Barrymore, Harry McNaughton (It’s Higgins, Sir), Ian Martin (Cloak & Dagger, Suspense) and Glenn Ford.

Leading the new to the channel episodes will be the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathon – “The Clinton Matter” from March of 1956. Also we have episodes from The CBS Radio Workshop; United Nation’s Radio (Corwin’s “Could Be”); The Whistler; Murder At Midnight; Dark Fantasy; Damon Runyon Theater; The Dennis Day Show; Let George Do It, The Screen Director’s Playhouse and more.

And lastly we bring back a First & Finale special by playing Jack Benny’s debut on radio (The Canada Dry Program from May 2nd, 1932) and his final original episode (The Jack Benny Program from May 22nd, 1955).


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12 thoughts on “April 28th to May 4th 2012 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. Cora,
    I am still having rough moments especially with Mother’s Day approaching and her birthday.

    I agree with you Cora, I don’t understand the unwillingness to share these radio programs either. After all that is the purpose of this channel after all. What good do the programs do by sitting in a vault somewhere, being held hostage by someone, or fighting over the rights. I don’t get it at all. People have an interest in hearing them, why not let the people enjoy them???? Hopefully Greg will have some luck in the future.

  2. I hope that in the future we can hear some episodes from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater. It was a good idea to bring stories back to radio and hence made people remember the golden age as well. There are many actors from that era that carried onward to CBSRMT.

    1. Hi Lana. Hope you are better. I too would be happy to hear some of these episodes. Who doesn’t love a good mystery. Can’t understand the unwillingness to share.

      1. Yes, I have all of them, some 1033 episodes and it cost me about $12 bucks — the supernatural ones are a bit tedious, but the crime/murder ones are okay!

  3. I don’t understand the fascination with Corwin. I don’t see anything interesting in his stuff at all.

    1. I have wondered this myself. Maybe a case of the” Emperor’s New Clothes”? I dont get him either.

    2. It appears to me that what was thought of as immensely profound at the time turned out to be a bit simplistic at best and pathetically naive at worst in hindsight. However, I truly believe there is a lesson there today for those who listen to his work carefully… .

  4. Harry McNaughton appeared on at least one other show : It Pays to Be Ignorant. It was a parody of the ‘quiz shows’ and it was hilarious (at least between 1944-1945). Any chance you could play one of those?

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