May 26th to June 1st, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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The final week of May is absolutely filled to the brim! We have our annual Memorial Day Tribute featuring Norman Corwin’s On A Note of Triumph V-E Day Celebration as well as portions of my past visits with both Corwin and radio actor and WWII vet, Cliff Carpenter.

We’ll have, not one but, two different birthday specials for Vincent Price. One of them features new the the channel episodes of The Saint plus some of my past visit with his son, V. Barrett Price and his daughter, Victoria Price. The other special contains some of his greatest radio work including Escape’s “Three Skeleton Key”, Suspense’s “Pit & The Pendulum”, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar’s “The Price Of Fame Matter” and a new one from the CBS Radio Workshop known as “Speaking Of Cinderella.”

Bob Hope gets a couple specials as well for his birthday including a couple don’t-miss-new-to-the-channel episodes: Screen Director’s Playhouse version of his 1949 motion picture, “The Great Lover” co-starring Rhonda Fleming. And a dramatic role on the new to the channel Suspense episode, “Death Has A Shadow.”

And we are not done with the major birthdays as we also celebrate John Wayne, Fred Allen, Marilyn Monroe, author Dashiell Hammett (Sam Spade, The Fat Man), Don Ameche (The Bickersons, Bergen & McCarthy), Al Jolson (Kraft Music Hall), Ben Alexander (Dragnet), Tony Barrett (Suspense, Frank Race, Mysterious Traveler) and Stacy Keach Sr. (Tales Of The Texas Rangers).

Additional new to the channel episodes from The Life Of Riley, Gunsmoke, The Great Gildersleeve, Wild Bill Hickok, Academy Award Theater, Suspense, The Whistler, The Columbia Workshop, etc.


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