June 9th to June 15th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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Okay so YES there is a new Man Of Steel motion picture coming out, and YES, Judy Garland’s birthday is June 10th. And YES, we also have birthday tributes for Gerald Mohr (Philip Marlowe, The Whistler, Suspense), Basil Rathbone (Sherlock Holmes), Joe DeSantis (The Chase, The Clock), Bob Cummings, Larry Keating (This Is Your FBI), musician David Rose (The Red Skelton Show) and more…

BUT all of that takes a back seat to this week’s Centennial Celebration!  Why? Because it is Bob Bailey’s 100th!!

It is pretty safe to say that Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar is the most popular drama featured on the channel, and Bailey is, by far, the most popular actor to play the role. And since he was born June 13th, 1913; we have three different specials airing to mark his centennial.

Two of them feature new to the channel Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar Marathons while the third has four in a row from the half-hour version of that series. And three of those are new to the channel as well!

Some of the other new to the channel episodes being featured come from the following series; A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day, The Life Of Riley, The Whistler, Suspense, Let George Do It (also with Bob Bailey!), The Saint, Mystery Is My Hobby, Hopalong Cassidy, Gunsmoke and The CBS Radio Workshop.


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6 thoughts on “June 9th to June 15th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. Back in 1994-95 I remember listening to old radio programs on an FM station. It was an hour long program from ( I think) 9-10 PM. I used to commute from Chula Vista, CA to Torrance CA 4 times a week. I would listen to it and the trip was more enjoyable. I never listened to the radio programs when I was young (I was born 1951). With the exception of a few programs I listen while I work which is from 6PM to 6AM. I haul oil in the Permian Basin which is in the western part of Texas. Your station is one of the reasons I purchased Sirius radio.

  2. I have listened to the channel for about 4 years but this is my first post. I really like almost everything that is presented, but I really love the mysteries and the sci-fi. This is such a great week with the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar marathons. Happy Birthday, Mr. Bailey! Many thanks to Greg for his scheduling efforts and for the interesting commentary he adds. Very enjoyable!

    1. Welcome Radio Girl. I agree with your comments. Greg’s commentary and inside info make this station so much more enjoyable.

  3. Loving this Johnny episode. I have had Scotties, and yes, they are full of spirit . I grew up in Philly. Nice to hear the local places mentioned that are now gone. Ben Franklin Hotel was pretty posh in the day, as was Wanamakers Dept Store, now a Macy’s.

  4. Hi Greg, thank you for the great tribute to Bob Bailey just like every one else he is my favorite also like the detectives any of those are great, and thank you for doing a great job here.

  5. I love Yours Truely Johnny Dollar and the Bickersons. I really don’t like the scary ones when they come on between 12 AM amd 5 AM. I live alone and hear all kinds of things wen I har a noise around the house. I also don’t care for Vic and Sade. They aren’t funny like the Bickersons.

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