Aug. 4th to Aug. 10th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

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Hey folks, we have some birthday tributes this week for some major Hollywood leading men and women as well as some fantastic radio actors.

Headlining the list this week is a funny fella still with us; Stan Freberg (87 on Aug. 7th). Not only do I have a couple episodes of his 1957 series, The Stan Freberg Show but once again he is also featured in a dramatic role in Suspense and new this year he stars in the CBS Radio Workshop’s “Colloquy” Three: An Analysis of Satire.”

Some of the other birthday tributes are for the following; Robert Mitchum (in Suspense’s “Crossfire”); Lucille Ball (I Love Lucy, My Favorite Husband, Suspense) Robert Taylor (Lux Radio Theater’s “Broadway Bill”, Suspense’s “House In Cypress Canyon”); Parley Baer (Gunsmoke, Suspense, Escape); Wally Maher (Suspense’s “Dead Ernest”, Michael Shayne, Let George Do It); David Brian (Mr. District Attorney); Jeff Corey (Lt. Ybarra on Philip Marlowe, The Whistler) and Louis Armstrong.

Additional new to the channel offerings from Mystery Is My Hobby, CBS Radio Workshop, Candy Matson, Suspense, Sam Spade, Murder At Midnight and more.


5 thoughts on “Aug. 4th to Aug. 10th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules”

  1. The Gunsmoke episode that leads off the Parley Baer birthday block had to be the most intense show I have ever listened to. This show was so well written I felt I was right there during the action. I had to sit a couple of minutes after it was over because it drained me. I had never been so emotionally attached to a program before. I hope this episode stays on this channel for years to come.

    1. I missed that show. It was only on at 8am on Monday. It is on again on Thursday at 4am & again at 8pm. I will make a mental note to listen at 8pm. It’s 2 day’s away so I hope I remember. The TB Rays are not playing Thursday so I just might remember. You ar so right about feeling like you are there. So many shows of that golden age were so well written you felt as if you were there. It’s great that we have Ch 82 to bring us back to “The Good Old Day’s”.

  2. The actress that paid the ozark woman on Gunsmoke sounds like Richard Diamond’s girlfriend when she is using her Lulubelle accent

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