Sept. 1st to Sept. 7th, 2013 RadioClassics Show Schedules

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking to see Full Story & Pictures and then the following link; ShowSchedules

Before I detail the week, I want to let all you loyal blog and newsletter folks know that the 2nd Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise has been scheduled, and it’s never too early to hold your cabins. We once again will be on Royal Caribbean but this time departing from Florida for a tour of the Eastern Caribbean. The ship is Freedom Of The Seas, it sails on August 10th, 2014 for a 7 day cruise. Here is the direct link to the website  and you can always give Larry a call to learn more and to hold your cabin 800-269-2127

The highlight of this week is a Centennial Celebration for Alan Ladd. The Hollywood leading man did tons of radio even starring in his own adventure series, Box 13. We have him in that as well as Suspense, Lux Radio Theater’s version of his western film, “Shane”, plus he hosts a new to the channel this week all-star variety show, Opportunity U.S.A – Savings Bond Special.

Additional birthday week tributes for movie star Peter Lawford; Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs; announcer Don Wilson; announcer and the voice of Senator Claghorn, Kenny Delmar; Charlie Cantor (Finnegan on Duffy’s Tavern); Amanda Randolph (The Beulah Show) and more.

Even more new to the channel this week stuff from The CBS Radio Workshop, The Academy Award Theater, The Jack Benny Program, Gunsmoke, Let George Do It, Baby Snooks, The Screen Director’s Playhouse, The Life Of Riley….


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  1. What a treat to see pictures of the folks who went on the recent cruise! I am so happy to learn there will be another cruise next year. I am really enjoying this week’s mix of shows: from comedy to suspense to adventure. And of course, Greg’s great commentary to add to the enjoyment.

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