Nov. 17th to Nov. 23rd, 2013 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

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Most of you are probably aware by now, but I need begin by noting the passing of the tremendously talented Shirley Mitchell (born Nov. 4th, 1919 – died Nov. 11th, 2013) On RadioClassics she is heard on numerous series including playing Alice Darling on Fibber McGee & Molly and southern belle Leila Ransom on The Great Gildersleeve. We are so fortunate that we will be able to continue to hear her work on this channel for years to come.

Some big name birthdays coming up over the next couple of weeks, especially for RadioClassics fans. This week we mark John Dehner’s birthday with multiple specials; also we have a centennial celebration for Judy Canova;¬† Alan Young is 94! and we also mark the birthdays of the following movie actress Gene Tierney (Laura, The Razor’s Edge); Frank Graham (Romance Of the Ranchos, Jeff Regan Investigator); Boris Karloff and writer Don Quinn (Fibber McGee & Molly, The Halls Of Ivy).

Among the best new to the channel offerings are the following; Columbia Presents Corwin – “You Can Dream INC”; CBS Radio Workshop “La Grand Breteche”; Suspense with Alan Hale Sr; The Whistler starring Frank Lovejoy; The Life of Riley; Nick Carter Master Detective; Wild Bill Hickok, The Jack Benny Program, Phil Harris & Alice Faye; Let George Do It and more.


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One thought on “Nov. 17th to Nov. 23rd, 2013 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights”

  1. I always love the schedule and enjoy most of what is on. I like the variety. I may like some more than others but enjoy comedy, drama etc.
    However, this week I didn’t like the opera, it jarred my senses of Old Time Radio. I know it was on a CBS radio show. If I want opera, I will go to the opera channel. I am not opposed to opera but OTR for me is not 30 minutes of singing. Even the normal variety shows with singing have inner actions with the stars.
    This just my opinion, I am sure others enjoyed it ūüôā

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