Jan. 5th to Jan 11th, 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights

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Kicking of the highlights this time with a “First & Finale” special as we will feature both The Inner Sanctum Mysteries debut episode (“The Amazing Death Of Mrs. Putnam” from January 7th, 1941) and the last regular broadcast (“Death Pays The Freight” from October 5th, 1953).

We also mark series debut anniversaries of The Screen Director’s Playhouse, The Adventures Of The Saint and The Screen Guild Players(Theater).

Among the birthday tributes – Oscar winning actresses; Jane Wyman (Screen Director’s version of her film “A Kiss In The Dark” plus an appearance on the Bergen & McCarthy Show) and Loretta Young (Screen Director’s version of her film “The Perfect Marriage”).

We also celebrate birthdays of – Danny Thomas (The Bickersons); Father Patrick Peyton (creator of The Family Theater); author Carl Sandburg (The Cavalcade Of America); Burlesque star and author Gypsy Rose Lee (Command Performance) and radio/TV actress Helen Kleeb (featured on Dragnet).


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5 thoughts on “Jan. 5th to Jan 11th, 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights”

  1. Just finished listening to this weeks Yours Truly Johnny Dollar marathon. Was it me or did anyone else catch the name Eric Snowden as a cast member? So before he became an NSA employee and fled to Russia, he was a radio actor? Gee, he looks so young!!! Maybe he’s a “Commie for the FBI”!!!

  2. That is very ironic. Sounds like something we would hear on a suspense radio show or the Mysterious Traveller.

    1. Lana, I have had to cancel Sirius, wanted to wish you well and say goodbye before disappearing. I have been having issues with them for some time. I ended it. Will miss Greg and Radio Classics but other channels were disappearing.

  3. Thank you Will and Cora. It is nice to know that I am thought of. Jan. 2 marked the first anniversary of her passing. 2014 could not come soon enough for me. She always greeted me with a hi-ya, hi-ya.

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