Jan. 19th to Jan. 25th, 2014 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

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I need to note a passing. Cliff Carpenter died back on January 9th at age 98. He was not only a very busy radio performer (his first major role was starring in the serial Terry & The Pirates based on the comic strip of the same name), but he also did lots of stage, film and television work. For example here is a link to one of his appearances on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart CLICK HERE 

Back in Oct. of 2011, I was lucky enough to sit down and visit with Cliff during the Friends Of Old-Time Radio convention and it was a tremendous experience. As a tribute, this week I am playing X-Minus One’s “Bad Medicine” with Cliff in the starring role and following that up with some of our interview.

Also this week; Poe Man’s Radio – two hours of Edgar Allan Poe stories in honor of his 205th birthday.

Additional birthday specials for George Burns, Portland Hoffa (Fred Allen’s wife and co-star); J. Carroll Naish (Life With Luigi); Tudor Owen (Jocko on Pat Novak For Hire, Barney on Pete Kelly’s Blues); producer/director Jaime Del Valle (The Line-Up, Yours Truly Johnny Dollar); author Gwen Bagni (Escape, Night Beat); movie star Dan Duryea (Suspense’s The Man Who Couldn’t Lose) and DeForest Kelley (Bones McCoy on original Star Trek heard in our annual airing of Suspense’s Flesh Peddler).


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