March 16th to March 22nd, 2014 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

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We open the week with St. Patrick’s Day and themed episodes from Jack Benny, Fred Allen and George & Gracie as well as birthday tributes for Jerry Lewis (He is 88!); Mercedes McCambridge (Defense Attorney, Lights Out); child voice specialist Richard Beals (CBS Radio Workshop, Fort Laramie, The Six Shooter, Have Gun Will Travel), Ozzie Nelson, Karl Weber (Dr. Sixgun), announcer Art Gilmore (Adventures of Frank Race), musical director Rex Koury (Gunsmoke), Ross Martin (An American Gallery), Jack Kruschen (Broadway Is My Beat, Escape, Dragnet), Edward Everett Horton (Screen Guild Theater’s “The Gay Divorcee”), Kermit Murdock (The Chase) and Jody Gilbert (Rosa on Life With Luigi).

Two different Centennial Celebrations as we mark the 100th of both Lawson Zerbe (Dimension X, Suspense) and Wendell Corey (Screen Director’s Playhouse version of “The File Of Thelma Jordon” with Barbara Stanwyck).

Finally, in the do-not-miss category be sure to check out “Dick Tracy in B-Flat” as presented on Command Performance. A real tour de force production which combines music and comic strips featuring an incredible cast including Bing Crosby as Dick Tracy, Dinah Shore as Tess Trueheart, Bob Hope as Flattop, Frank Sinatra as Vitamin Flintheart, Jimmy Durante as The Mole and many more.


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