June 29th to July 5th 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights

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Independence Day week and in addition to the some traditional patriotic fare Norman Corwin (Citizen Of The World) and James Cagney (Yankee Doodle Dandy) we also have a lesser known Revolutionary War story from the NBC series Inheritance. The star is the booming voiced William Woodson, still with us, and due to turn 97 in a couple of weeks.

Speaking of still with us, we also have a birthday tribute for lovely Oscar winning actress, Olivia de Havilland she is 98 on the 1st!

Additional birthday specials for Charles Laughton, Lena Horne, Gloria Stuart, Santos Ortega, Dorothy Kilgallen, Bill Stern and WXYZ station owner George W. Trendle (The Green Hornet).

The Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar block this week features three different half-hour episode starring three different actors, Bob Bailey, Edmond O’Brien and Charles Russell.


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10 thoughts on “June 29th to July 5th 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights”

  1. I was very disappointed to lose Book Radio. I also like Harry Nile and many of the programs on that station.

    I have been part of XM since 2002 and a big fan of Radio Classics since it started on XM. I like the format as it is….I have a unit that can record channels so I can playback on my schedule so I do have an advantage.

    On of the biggest changes was when the commercials went between shows rather than a break in the middle. It made listening much more fun.

    There are still many radio shows out there that hopefully become available to Greg soon.

    I think Greg has done a masterful job over the years. One of his greatest triumphs has been finding the surviving stars of the times and getting their stories while they are still with us. In this CGI, visual gratification world we now have OTR lets you make the pictures in your head (sorry Jim French)…..

  2. And it would be better than hearing the same ones over and over which is what happens when you have been a subscriber for years, I have been for 8 years

  3. I love the classic radio shows and I think RadioClassics 82 should stay with the old shows, but when Book Radio was on Sirius there were some GREAT modern radio plays on that channel that I fell in love with! Jim French Productions (Imagination Theater) had an AMAZING detective show called Harry Nile that I loved! Great production, great acting, great story lines! They also produced a “modern” classic Sherlock Holmes that was great. The channel also had a show called Powder River that was a great “old” modern western show.

    When done correctly, modern shows can be just as good as the oldies. Go to http://www.jimfrenchproductions.com and check them out. If you like Johnny Dollar, Richard Diamond, Dragnet, Tales of the Texas Rangers, Gunsmoke, and shows like them, I’m positive you’ll like these new classics.

  4. I wish OTR could create new programs since the supply of programs is so limited and we hear the same ones over and over.

    1. NO! Please, stay pure with replays of the classics only. Lousy programming on TV and radio is why we tune into 82!

      Greg’s intros and interludes are good bridges to acquaint listeners with the background and history of the feature shows, their performers and writers, and even period advertisements. He’s got a great venue here, let’s encourage him to continue on present course.

      As far as ‘new programming’, he continually finds more archival material week after week and surprises us with a load of variety.

      Keep up the good work Greg Bell!

      1. Well just because it is new doesn’t mean it would be less than the old programs. The CBS Mystery theater from the 80s were quite good.

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