Aug 17th to Aug 23rd, 2014 RadioClassics Show Schedules and Highlights

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Back from the 2nd Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise with a jam packed week including a few belated birthday tributes bumped from last week.

Some headlining specials: The Todd Matter a five part storyline as presented on Yours Truly Johnny Dollar;  two-hours of Ray Bradbury (including productions of “Zero Hour”, “Kaleidoscope” and “Mars Is Heaven”); plus we mark the 55th anniversary of the 50th State entering the Union (CBS Radio Workshop’s Hawaii themed episode known as “Malahini Magic”).

In addition to Bradbury, other birthday week long tributes include Gene Kelly (Theater Guild On The Air’s “Boy Meets Girl” and Suspense’s “Thieves Fall Out”); Maureen O’Hara (she is 94!); Mae West; Marie Wilson (My Friend Irma); Lesley Woods (Margo on The Shadow, Mary on Boston Blackie); Jay Novello (Captain Sabaaya on Rocky Jordan) and announcer Ken Carpenter (Bing Crosby Show, The Life Of Riley, The Great Gildersleeve).

The belated birthday list includes specials for Gloria Blondell; movie director and Lux Radio Theater host, Cecil B. DeMille and famed thriller motion picture director, Alfred Hitchcock. This year we bring back Lux Radio Theater’s version of Hitch’s “Strangers On A Train”, Mystery In The Air’s “The Lodger” (with Peter Lorre, Agnes Moorehead and Harry Morgan) plus The Screen Guild Players take on “Rebecca” which was Hitch’s only best picture Oscar winner.

Joining me for that two-hour special will be friend and channel fan, Derek Haas. The Hollywood screenwriter (3:10 to Yuma, Wanted) is co-creator, producer and writer for NBC’s Chicago Fire and Chicago PD. He also is the author of four novels, the first two I was lucky enough to voice the audiobook narration.  You can learn more about Derek and his novels over


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