Oct. 26th to Nov. 1st, 2014 RadioClassics Schedules and Highlights

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Halloween All Week Long!

This year not only are we jammed pack with Halloween Horror with a sprinkling of Halloween Humor, but I also have some help. Glen Jones of Jonesey’s All Night Truck Stop on Road Dog Trucking Ch. 146 has been kind enough to guest host a couple different two-hour blocks. Known as Highway Horror, it features lots of interstate terror from the following series among others; Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Dark Fantasy, The Whistler, Lights Out and Suspense. 

Also this Halloween week; lots of new to the offerings from Quiet Please, The Witch’s Tale, Inner Sanctum, Molle Mystery Theater, Suspense, Jack Carson Show and more. Plus I am bringing back requested standards including Donovan’s Brain, Orson Welles as Dracula, Three Skeleton Key, Fall of the House of Usher, Pit & The Pendulum, Leinengen Vs The Ants, On A Country Road, Sorry Wrong Number, Ghost Hunt, The Thing On The Fourble Board….

And last but not least, I will share with you a special mix of Lights Out – “The Chicken Heart” combined with comedian Bill Cosby’s routine about hearing that terrifying radio show as a kid.


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