Feb 5th to Feb 11th Shows and Highlights

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A number of series debut anniversaries this week as we celebrate the quality Frank Lovejoy series Night Beat’s 67th with a first and final special. We have a double special celebrating 67th anniversary of the debut of Dangerous Assignment plus mark the birthday of lead actor, Brian Donlevy.

And we are celebrating Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar’s 68th with multiple episodes including a 5-part Bob Bailey led marathon, a couple starring original lead Charles Russell plus three with John Lund (as we also mark his birthday this week).

Additional Birthday tributes for the following folks:

Ronald Reagan (Lux Radio Theater, Burns & Allen Show); Lana Turner (Suspense, Bergen & McCarthy);  Bill Johnstone (The Shadow, The Line-Up, The Whistler, The Six-Shooter); Ronald Colman (Lux Radio Theater, Suspense, Request Performance, The Jack Benny Program); Chester Lauck (Lum n Abner); Eddie Bracken (Academy Award Theater, Suspense); author Charles Dickens (Mystery of Edwin Drood, The Signalman, The Weird Circle);  Bennett Kilpack (Mr. Keen Tracer Of Lost Persons); composer Jerry Goldsmith (Frontier Gentleman trumpet theme); Jules Verne (Mercury Theater On The Air’s “Around The World In 80 Days”); Margot Stevenson (Margo Lane on The Shadow), Charles Ruggles (Suspense) and Charlotte Holland (The Mysterious Traveler, This Is Your FBI)


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