Feb 26th to Mar 4th Shows and Highlights

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We are still booking cabins a for the 5th Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise, if you are interested in joining me this upcoming July for a 7 day tour of the Southern Caribbean hurry now to the following website to get the details and secure a cabin http://www.cruisingwithgregbell.com/  or you can give Larry a call at 800-269-2127.

This year we bring back a Mardi Gras special as suggested last year by channel fan Donald from New Orleans.It’s a two-hour special featuring four performers who served as King Bacchus for the annual Krewe Of Bacchus Parade. And this year I’ve switched out a couple of those celebrities. It begins with a new to the channel episode of the Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show (Phil was Bacchus IV) followed by Jackie Gleason (Bacchus VII) filling in for William Bendix in The Life Of Riley. Then we switch to a couple dramatic episodes; Suspense with the now 100 year old Kirk Douglas (King Bacchus XVI) and The CBS Radio Workshop with Raymond Burr (King Bacchus II).

Headlining the birthdays this week is a centennial celebration for Desi Arnaz (March 2nd, 1917 – December 2nd, 1986) with a 90-minute special featuring the radio audition of I Love Lucy, Suspense’s “The Red-Headed Woman” and The Bob Hope Show all co-starring his wife Lucille Ball.

Additional birthday specials for Elizabeth Taylor (Lux Radio Theater’s “National Velvet”); Betty Hutton (Mail Call); Joan Bennett (Duffy’s Tavern); Madeleine Carroll (Suspense); Franchot Tone (Lights Out); Dane Clark (Suspense, Crime and Peter Chambers); Dinah Shore; John Garfield; child actor Bobby Driscoll (Lux Radio Theater’s “Treasure Island”); Mason Adams (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, CBS Radio Workshop, The Mysterious Traveler); Cliff Carpenter (X-Minus One) and Louise Erickson’s 89th (A Date With Judy, The Life Of Riley).

We also celebrate series debut anniversaries of Duffy’s Tavern (76th) and Broadway Is My Beat (68th).

And since this week begins with the 89th Academy Award ceremony just like last week we have some Oscar nominated films adapted for radio: “All About Eve”, “Rebecca”, “My Man Godfrey”, “After The Thin Man”….


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