Mar 5th to Mar 11th Shows and Highlights

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We are still booking cabins a for the 5th Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise, if you are interested in joining me this upcoming July for a 7 day tour of the Southern Caribbean hurry now to the following website to get the details and secure a cabin  or you can give Larry a call at 800-269-2127.

A busy week headlined by a couple different birthday tributes to one of radio’s greatest actresses, Virginia Gregg! She will be featured in episodes of The Whistler, The Family Theater, Suspense, Have Gun Will Travel, Gunsmoke, Dr. Kildare, Inheritance, Let George Do It and the Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar weekly 5-part marathon.

We also have birthday tributes for Lou Costello (Abbott & Costello Show, Who’s On First); Oscar winner Rex Harrison (Academy Award Theater’s “Night Train”); Dean Stockwell’s 81st (Family Theater’s “Hans Brinker”); radio actress Minerva Pious (Mrs. Nussbaum on The Fred Allen Show); Claire Trevor (Lux Radio Theater’s “Key Largo”, plus in two from Suspense); Will Geer aka Grandpa Walton (Columbia Workshop, Gangbusters); prolific writer/producer/director David Friedkin (Crime Classics, Broadway Is My Beat, Bold Venture) and writer Frank Burt (creator of The Six Shooter).


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One thought on “Mar 5th to Mar 11th Shows and Highlights”

  1. Hi Greg,
    Has Sirius/XM changed the audio processing on the channel? I’m hearing a lot more gating than I used to. When there’s no dialog, the background sounds (think Gunsmoke’s great sound effects) just go away. Sometimes the dialog breaks up when it’s low, too. I’m a radio station engineer, so I know what I’m hearing. Is this some sort of bandwidth-saving measure on the part of S/XM? It certainly is irritating. It’s my favorite channel, but their current processing makes it difficult to listen to.

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