Apr 9th to Apr 15th Shows and Highlights

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This week we celebrate a number of series anniversaries: Bulldog Drummond (76th); The Falcon (74th); Nick Carter Master Detective (74th) and My Friend Irma (70th).

As to the birthday tributes they are led by a centennial celebration for radio, television and cartoon voice actor Hans Conried (1917-1982) as he’ll be heard in a couple dramatic roles on The CBS Radio Workshop and Suspense plus comedy roles on The Life Of Riley and My Friend Irma.

Additional birthday specials for Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee & Molly plus Screen Guild Theater’s “Heavenly Days”); M*A*S*H and Dragnet TV actor Harry Morgan (Mystery In The Air, This Your FBI ); Sir John Gielgud (Sherlock Holmes); Paul McGrath (The Chase, The Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Suspense); Frankie Thomas Jr (Tom Corbett, Space Cadet); John Larkin (CBS Radio Workshop) and Sylvia Picker (Suzy on Box 13).


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