May 21st to May 27th Shows and Highlights

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Topping the list of birthdays this week is a centennial celebration for Raymond Burr. Best known for his decades of work on television as attorney Perry Mason and police detective Ironside, Burr was also a radio theater veteran. We will mark his 100th birthday with him as Captain Lee Quince in Fort Laramie and police inspector Hellman on the Jack Webb series, Pat Novak For Hire.

We’ll have two different birthday specials for Vincent Price. One of them features two episodes of The SaintEscape’s “Three Skeleton Key” plus some of my past visit with his son, V. Barrett Price and his daughter, Victoria Price. The other special finds Price in three Suspense productions; “Present Tense”, “The Hunting Trip” and “Pit & The Pendulum” as well as Yours Truly Johnny Dollar’s “The Price Of Fame Matter.”

We also mark the birthdays of the following folks among others: Dennis Day (with two from A Day In The Life Of Dennis Day plus a couple from the Jack Benny Program); John Wayne (Lux Radio Theater’s “She Wore A Yellow Ribbon”, Screen Director’s “Stagecoach”); Robert Montgomery (Suspense’s “The Black Curtain”, Screen Director’s “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”); Arthur Conan Doyle (multiple Sherlock Holmes productions plus Escape’s version his stories “The Ring Of Thoth”); Dashiell Hammett (Sam Spade, The Fat Man); Al Jolson (Kraft Music Hall); Sam Edwards (Mutual Radio Theater); Ben Alexander (Dragnet, The Great Gildersleeve, Martin & Lewis Show); Herbert Marshall (The Man Called X, Suspense); Tony Barrett (Suspense, The Whistler, Frank Race); Jeanne Bates (The Whistler); Paul Lukas (Suspense’s “World Of Darkness”) and singer/actress Ginny Simms.


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