Jul 16th to Jul 22nd Shows and Highlights

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I’m back from the 5th annual Radio Spirits sea cruise, had a great time and I hope you landlubbers enjoyed Christmas In July Week. And my sincere thanks again to all of my wonderful guest hosts!

Here’s what’s on tap this week:

Birthday specials for Red Skelton (Four from his hit comedy series), Barbara Stanwyck (Suspense, Jack Benny Program); James Cagney (Screen Guild’s “Johnny Come Lately”,Suspense); Natalie Wood (Two From The Family Theater); Ginger Rogers (Lux Radio Theater’s “Stage Door”); Ernest Hemingway (Lux Radio Theater’s “For Whom The Bell Tolls”; William Woodson (narrator for This Is Your FBI); Himan Brown (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Bulldog Drummond); Sonny Tufts (Suspense) plus belated birthday tributes for Philips H. Lord (Gangbusters); Milton Berle (Two from his comedy series); and Thomas Mitchell (Suspense).

We also have some series anniversary tributes and for the same reason some of the birthdays are belated (due to Christmas In July Week) a few off these have been bumped to this week as well.

They include Columbia Workshop (81st); Mercury Theater On The Air (79th); The Man Called X (73rd); Sam Spade (71st); Our Miss Brooks (69th) and The Stan Freberg Show (60th).


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