Sept 17th to Sept 23rd Shows and Highlights

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Heading up our birthday specials this week is centennial celebration for a lovely lady who nearly made it to 100. Cartoon voice legend June Foray passed away back on July 26th at age 99. We mark her birthday with week with her appearances in episodes of The Stan Freberg Show, Suspense & The CBS Radio Workshop. Cartoon fans know her best for another Rocky as in Rocky The Flying Squirrel on The Bullwinkle Show.

Additional birthday tributes for Eddie “Rochester” Anderson (The Jack Benny Program); Mickey Rooney (Lux Radio Theater’s “Strike Up The Band”, Suspense’s “The Lie”); Paul Muni (Academy Award Theater, Suspense); Hanley Stafford (Baby Snooks and Daddy); Curley Bradley (Tom Mix Straightshooters); Alfred Shirley (Dr. Watson on Mutual Radio’s Sherlock Holmes); Jack Mather (The Cisco Kid); Martha Scott (Suspense, The Great Gildersleeve); John Houseman (The Mercury Theater On The Air); and H.G. Wells (two of his stories adapted for Escape and one on The Author’s Playhouse.)

We also mark the 64th anniversary of the debut of The Six Shooter with Jimmy Stewart and the 69th anniversary of Life With Luigi.


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