Nov 19th to Nov 25th Shows and Highlights

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking the following link; ShowSchedules

Cabins are booking folks for the 6th Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise, if you are interested in joining me next August for a 7 day cruise to Alaska please pay a visit to the website to get the details and secure a cabin  or you can give Larry a call at 800-269-2127.

It’s Thanksgiving Week on the channel, and that’s not all!

We bring back last year’s very popular Dragnet marathon Joe Friday – Black Friday plus offer up birthday specials for the following folks among others:

John Dehner (Frontier Gentleman, Escape, Suspense, The Whistler); Howard Duff (Sam Spade, The Whistler, Suspense’s “The Kandy Tooth”); Alan Young (The Alan Young Show); Boris Karloff (Inner Sanctum Mysteries, Suspense) and Judy Canova (Judy Canova Show).

As to the Thanksgiving themed program we once again have quite a variety both comedies and drama with offerings from The Jack Benny Program, The Harold Peary Show, The Aldrich Family, Let George Do It, Suspense, Father Knows Best, Let George Do It, Abbott & Costello, Phil Harris & Alice Faye, Our Miss Brooks, The Life Of Riley and more.

Have A Happy Thanksgiving All!


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