Mar 25th to Mar 31st Shows and Highlights

If you haven’t grabbed it yet, the new weekly schedule can be found by clicking the following link; ShowSchedules

I have learned we were able to free up a handful of cabins for the 6th Annual Radio Spirits Sea Cruise, if you are interested in joining me this upcoming August for a 7 day cruise to Alaska hurry now to the following website to get the details and secure a cabin  or you can give Larry a call at 800-269-2127.

This week marks the return of Major League Baseball so on the channel we are presenting multiple baseball themed comedies and dramas including Lux Radio Theater’s “Pride Of The Yankees”, The Mutual Radio Theater’s “The Baseball Announcer”, Destination Freedom’s “Ballad Of Satchel Paige” plus various Hall Of Famers visiting variety shows. Dizzy Dean and Babe Ruth visit The Bob Hope Show, Bob Feller on The Jack Benny Program, Joe DiMaggio on The Eddie Cantor Show and, of course, Abbott & Costello’s “Who’s On First” will be featured.

Topping the birthday tributes this week is a centennial celebration for the original Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar star Charles Russell as we present three in a row from that very popular series.

Additional birthday tributes for the following folks: motion picture actress Nancy Kelly (Two From Suspense “Taming Of The Beat” & “A Week Ago Wednesday”); Richard Denning (George in My Favorite Husband, Jerry in Mr. & Mrs. North); Frank Lovejoy (Night Beat, Escape, Suspense); writer Lucille Fletcher (“The Hitchhiker”, “Night Man” “Dark Journey” and “Sorry, Wrong Number”); Fletcher Markle (Studio One, Mutual Radio Theater); Ed Begley, Sr (American Portraits, Richard Diamond); Andy Clyde (sidekick California on Hopalong Cassidy); French singer Jean Sablon (guest on Burns & Allen plus Duffy’s Tavern); Les Damon (The Falcon); comedian Henry Morgan (Columbia Workshop’s “Descent Of The Gods”, CBS Radio Workshop’s “The Crazy Life”) and announcer Fred Foy (The Green Hornet).

And we celebrate the series debut anniversaries of both Arch Oboler’s Plays 79th and Academy Award Theater’s 72nd.


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