May 6th to May 12th Shows and Highlights

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Heading our list of  birthday celebrants is the incomparable Orson Welles. Beginning with his one year stint as The Shadow (1937-38), Welles was a very prolific radio performer and we’ll present him in the following series among others: The Black Museum, The Third Man, Suspense; Columbia Presents Corwin, fill-in hosting on The Jack Benny Program and Mercury Theater On The Air’s version of “The Count Of Monte Cristo.” I also bring back Orson Welles one and only visit with “War Of The Worlds” author H.G. Wells (which occurred in San Antonio, Texas in 1940).

We also have a centennial celebration for legendary 60 Minutes newsman, Mike Wallace (with his early announcing jobs on Sky King, Meet The Meeks). We also mark the birthdays of movie stars: Katharine Hepburn (Lux Radio Theater’s “Undercurrent”); Gary Cooper (Lux Radio Theater’s “The Virginian”), Anne Baxter (Suspense, Martin & Lewis Show);    Margo (Suspense) and Fred Astaire (Screen Director’s “The Sky’s The Limit”, guest on Burns & Allen plus The Bob Hope Show).

We also mark the birthdays of TV legend Phil Silvers (in a Suspense episode); Frank Nelson (Jeff Regan, Investigator, Jack Benny Program); announcer Frank Martin (Lights Out, Night Beat); John Archer (The Shadow); and author Leslie Charteris (Four episodes of The Saint).

We bring back the memorable and very popular “Marjorie’s Wedding” episode of The Great Gildersleeve which aired 68 years ago on May 10th, 1950. And offer up a First and Finale special marking the anniversary of Edgar Bergen’s, and of course Charlie McCarthy’s, debut on The Chase and Sanborn Hour but playing the May 9th, 1937 episode followed by the final one sponsored by the coffee maker (which aired on December 26th, 1948).


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