Aug 6th to Aug 12th Shows and Highlights

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Before I provide the highlights for this week, I want to give you a heads up. Next week (Monday August 13th – 19th, 2018) will be the inaugural Listener Appreciation Week. While I am sailing to Alaska on the 6th annual Radio Spirits sponsored sea cruise, the channel will be in the hands of the listeners. Since April, we’ve been gathering comments from the RadioClassics phone line 833-R-Classics (833-725-2774) and an entire week has been created from those suggestions. So as I am doing live radio plays aboard a ship sailing through fjords and glaciers, many of you will be heard filling in as the host!

Now on to this week’s highlights:

Headlining the list this week is a two-hour “Love For Lucy” special marking Lucille Ball’s birthday. In addition to a couple episodes of My Favorite Husband plus her appearance on The Screen Director’s Playhouse, I will once again share some of my 2014 visit with Turner Classic Movies host, the late Robert Osborne. He knew Lucy quite well and he told me some wonderful stories about her. In a second special, we have Lucy hosting The Family Theatre plus getting all dramatic in a couple episodes of Suspense.

We bring back an annual birthday block for motion picture leading man, Robert Mitchum as he’ll be heard in an hour long Suspense radio version of the motion picture “Crossfire” plus star in the half hour episode “Death At Life Oak” also produced for Suspense.

We have a Siodmak Siblings Celebration which marks the birthdays of brothers Robert and Curt Siodmak. It begins with a half-hour version of the Robert Siodmak (born August 8th, 1900) directed motion picture thriller, “The Spiral Staircase” as presented on The Screen Director’s Playhouse. Then it’s an hour long version 1948 Suspense and “Donovan’s Brain” based on a novel by younger brother Curt Siodmak (born August 10th, 1902) and starring John McIntire, Wally Maher, Jeannette Nolan and hosted by Robert Montgomery.

Additional birthday tributes for the following folks among others: movie director and Lux Radio Theater host Cecil B. DeMille, film actor Lloyd Nolan (featured in two Suspense productions); Stan Freberg; Billie Burke (special guest on The Charlie McCarthy Show); Leo Carrillo (also a guest onThe Charlie McCarthy Show) and Jeff Corey (Escape’s “Mars Is Heaven” plus as Lt. Ybarra on The Adventures Of Philip Marlowe).


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