Sept 24th to Sept 30th Shows and Highlights

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We bring back the End Of The Golden Age Of Radio special as we’ll play the Suspense and Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar episodes which played on the evening of September 30th, 1962. Plus we mark 72nd anniversary of the series debut of The Phil Harris & Alice Faye Program.

Our birthday tributes this week are headlined by the great William Conrad. He’ll be featured in two different two-hour specials. One is all about Gunsmoke (four episodes in a row) whereas the other has him starring in Escape and The Whistler plus narrating a couple episodes of The CBS Radio Workshop.

Other birthday specials for the following folks among others: Deborah Kerr (Suspense’s “Lady Pamela”); George Raft (as Rocky Jordan, and a guest on The Bob Hope Show); Lamont Johnson (Tarzan, Crime Classics, The Whistler); Barbara Britton (Mr. & Mrs. North); author F. Scott Fitzgerald (Escape’s “Diamond As Big As The Ritz”); Virginia Bruce (Suspense); vocalist Kenny Baker (The Jack Benny Program); Doris Singleton (The Whistler); Ed Sullivan (Guest on The Jack Benny Program) and Cy Howard (the creator of My Friend Irma and Life With Luigi).


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