Oct 8th to Oct 14th Shows and Highlights

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We have our annual Columbus Day special (Life with Luigi, Stan Freberg) and again celebrate the anniversary of the creation of the US Navy (Lux Radio Theater’s “The Navy Comes Through” plus episodes from navy veterans, Jack Benny & Dennis Day.)

And for the fourth straight year, we also mark Canada’s Thanksgiving (Monday October 9th) with a two-hour special featuring Canadian born lead actors: Larry Thor (Lundar, Manitoba) in Broadway Is My Beat, Stacy Harris (Big Timber, Quebec) in both Suspense and This Is Your FBI and Raymond Burr (New Westminster, British Columbia) in Fort Laramie.

We mark the series debut anniversaries for Lux Radio Theater (84th); The Cavalcade Of America (83rd)Mr. Keen Tracer of Lost Persons (81st) and The Adventures Of Ozzie and Harriet (74th).

Okay among the birthdays being celebrating on the channel this week; Benita Hume (The Halls of Ivy); Lillian Gish (Suspense); Cornel Wilde (Suspense); Helen Hayes (CBS Radio Workshop); Jean Vander Pyl, (Father Knows Best, best known for voicing Wilma Flintstone); Paul Dubov (Adventures Of Frank Race, Jeff Regan Investigator) and composer Walter Schumann (Dragnet theme, Story Of Dr. Kildare).


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