Oct 15th to Oct 21st Shows and Highlights

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First of all, in response to a number of listener emails queries, this year’s all Halloween themed episodes week runs from Thursday, October 25th through Wednesday, October 31st.

Okay on to this week’s highlights:

The birthdays are led by Marsha Hunt’s 101st! The still living actress is featured in a couple from Suspense plus the series The Unexpected.

Additional birthday tributes for Rita Hayworth’s 100th; Robert Hall (The Green Hornet); Miriam Hopkins (Suspense, Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Berry Kroeger (Molle Mystery Theatre, Inner Sanctum Mysteries); Linda Darnell; Barney Phillips (Dragnet, Escape, Gunsmoke); Bela Lugosi (Suspense, Abbott & Costello); Hy Averback (Suspense, The Whistler, Bob Hope Show) and producer Harry Alan Towers (The Black Museum, The Third Man)

We also are playing A Man Of Steel Marathon as a birthday celebration for Superman co-creator, Jerry Siegel as well as a tribute for actress Jan Miner heard in three in a row from The Chase (Long Distance, The Creeper, Special Delivery) Plus I will once again share some excerpts of an interview with Miner recorded in the early 1970s (on WTIC’s Golden Age Of Radio Program).

We celebrate the following radio debut anniversaries: Michael Shayne (with both Wally Maher and Jeff Chandler as Shayne), Let George Do It (starring a pre-Johnny Dollar Bob Bailey); Big Town, and Sherlock Holmes (celebrated with a two-hour four episode special featuring four different acting tandems as Holmes & Watson.)


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