Mar 11th to Mar 17th Shows and Highlights

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In this week of which ends on St. Patrick’s Day (Sunday March 17th), we celebrate the holiday a couple of different ways. We have the traditional two-hour comedy block with themed episodes from Jack Benny, Fred Allen and George & Gracie plus we bring back a Going Green block, a fun little suggestion first offered up a few years ago by longtime channel fan Andrew in Pittsburgh. This year’s special will feature episodes from The Green Lama, The Green Hornet, plus Suspense’s The Green Lorelei starring future Oscar winner, Ellen Burstyn.

In the birthday tributes we honor the following: Jerry Lewis (two episodes of The Martin & Lewis Show plus a Phil Harris & Alice Faye Show with Dean and Jerry as the special guests); Georgia Ellis (Miss Kitty on Gunsmoke); Mercedes McCambridge (Defense Attorney, Lights Out); child voice specialist Richard Beals (CBS Radio Workshop, Gunsmoke, Suspense); Mandel Kramer (Yours Truly Johnny Dollar, The Big Story, X-Minus One); Karl Weber (Dr. Sixgun); Edward Pawley (Big Town) and announcer Harlow Wilcox (Fibber McGee & Molly, Suspense).

Finally, in the do-not-miss category be sure to check out “Dick Tracy in B-Flat” as presented on Command Performance. A real tour de force production which combines music and comic strips featuring an incredible cast including Bing Crosby as Dick Tracy, Dinah Shore as Tess Trueheart, Bob Hope as Flattop, Frank Sinatra as Vitamin Flintheart, Jimmy Durante as The Mole and many more.

Plus this year it will be once again followed up by a 1980 episode of The Mutual Radio Theater hosted by Bonanza’s Lorne Greene and starring 1970s pop legend, Toni Tennille!


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