May 6th to May 12th Shows and Highlights

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Heading our list of  birthday celebrants is the incomparable Orson Welles. Beginning with his one year stint as The Shadow (1937-38), Welles was a very prolific radio performer and we’ll present him in the following series among others: The Third Man, Suspense, Columbia Presents Corwin, fill-in hosting on The Jack Benny Program and Mercury Theatre On The Air’s version of “The Count Of Monte Cristo.” I also bring back Orson Welles’ one and only visit with “War Of The Worlds” author H.G. Wells (which occurred in San Antonio, Texas in 1940).

We also have a birthday block for legendary 60 Minutes newsman, Mike Wallace (with his early announcing jobs on Sky King, Meet The Meeks).

We also mark the birthdays of movie stars: Katharine Hepburn (Lux Radio Theatre’s “Undercurrent”); Gary Cooper (Lux Radio Theatre’s “Mr. Deeds Goes To Town”); Anne Baxter (Suspense, Charlie McCarthy Show); Margo (Suspense) and Fred Astaire (Screen Director’s “The Sky’s The Limit”, guest on Burns & Allen plus The Bob Hope Show).

We also mark the birthdays of TV legend Phil Silvers (in a Suspense episode); Frank Nelson (Jeff Regan Investigator, Jack Benny Program); Byron Kane (CBS Radio Workshop); announcer Frank Martin (Lights Out, Night Beat); and author Leslie Charteris (four episodes of The Saint).

The week ends on Mother’s Day, and we celebrate that holiday with a two hour comedy block featuring four appropriately themed episodes from Harris & Faye, The Red Skelton Show, The Life Of Riley, Our Miss Brooks.


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